it was a weird weekend.. not to mention booooorrrrriiiinggg…… no one was allowed to use the pc!!  my bro and sis got in trouble,, and they were punished,, and of course,, i have to be included… on thanksgiving day,, we went to sumone’s house and ate.. (duh..) friday,,, i can’t remember wat we did.. we stayed at home and watched tv, i think…. saturday was fun!!!  we went shopping ALL DAY LONG!!!!! it was my mom’s bday and she wanted to buy stuff that we can bring home to the philippines.. we have like 4 BOXES!!! that’s a lot.. sunday,, we continued shopping after going to mass… we ate those bertti bott’s every flavor beans from harry potter.. and i do mean EVERY FLAVOR…  i ate the tuna flavored one… it was nasty!!!! *puke* then my siter got the grass flavored one… she gave me half of it.. she told me it was green apple.. i was lyk : “wow.. green apple’s gud..” then it tasted like leaves… i was lyk,, “wat the –??”  it was sooo nasty!!!! my mom got the earwax!!!!!!! eeeeeewwwww….. my bro got the soap!!!!! he gave me some,, it tasted lyk tide or sumtin… it was fun… the computer’s ALL MINE today!!!!!  my bro and sis went to school… haha!! sux for dem!!!!!!!


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