today was soooo cool! we went to the hospital where my mom works.. we went to mass in the chapel der,,, it was lyk 25 min long.. haha!! it was so short… homily was lyk 2 minutes.. seriously!! and after dat,, we went to an empty parking lot near the hospital… then my dad let us drive!!! it was so much fun seeing my dad yell at us saying: “step on the brake!!! THE BREEEEAAAAK!!!” or “slow down!!! i said sloooow dooown!!!!” hahahha!! it was fun.. i can get my learner’s permit soon!!!!! probably january or february… then i can drive to school,, give evry1 a ryd,, pick up my bro and sis,, go anywer i wan 2 go…. hahaha!!! anyway… one more week befor we go home to manila!!!!!!!! can’t wait!! i think i’m gonna fail my midterms, though.. i’m gonna miss 2 weeks of school.. [well, almost] one week before Christmas break starts,, and 1/2 week after we get back,, dat would be the week before mdterms!! i’m not gonna have enough tym to review, catch up, do every work dat i missed, take all the tests and quizzes dat i didnt take while i was gone, etc etc etc….. gudbye passing grades…. *sigh* but it’s all worth it… i’d give up anything to go back home…. so much stuff i gotta do dat i never had the chance [or the guts] to do…  oh yeah.. i saw my bro practice bball,, he was kinda gud.. [hey bro, keyword der “kinda” so dont u go braggin….] wen he got home from practiced 2day, he was limping.. he twisted his ankle!!! hahaha!! i know it’s mean,, but hey, if it happened to ur bro, u’d be laughing too… hahahah!!!