today was fun… what started out from an “innocent” birthday card “mutated” into this… uh,, well,, don’t really know wat to call it….  it was a bunch of random stuff (from random people,, according to teresa..) and probably $20.. suck ups, aren’t we…?

hahahaha!! nah,, i just got d idea from ms molly…

everything turned out fine,, except for teresa’s awesome grand entrance…. really good tyming der… (interrupt bro. martin while he’s xplaining?!?!? i mean,, dude,, it’s BRO. MARTIN!!!) but,, good job, teresa… hahahaha!!

we need 2 plan 4 nxt yir’s bday…. 7 layer cake…?


January 31, 2005

ME: guess wat tomorrow is..?

G: wat?

ME: it’s a special event..

G: ur bday?

ME: n0pe…it’s feb 1……?

G: Oh!! i know!!!

ME: wat?

G: APRIL FOOL’S DAY! (w/ all confidence)


*SIGH*  saaaaaaaaaad… s0o0o0o saaaaad….



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