1.do you get jealous easily?
>>hahahaahaha… not really… more lyk feelin sorry 4 myself..

2. what have u been doing these past few days? …
>>uhhmm.. schoolwork,,,, and sum “lyf re-evaluation”..

3. song that sticks on your mind?why?
>>i’d do anything.. no f*king idea why… (i close my eyes, all i see is u… close my eyes… i cannot slep i can’t forget u….?)

4. what are u planning to do this weekend?
>>hw,,, hw,, and oh yeah,, if i have more tym,, i’d probably do hw…. gotta get a lyf..

5. do u club?
>>uhhmm… uhhmmm….

6. do u drink alcohol?
>> *whistles…*

7. any people in love with u right now?
>>hahahahah!! i wish!!!

8. do u prefer sms or talking on the phone?
>>sms,, sum things in lyf are easier written (or typed…?) than directly said..

9. are u missing someone right now?
>>hell, yeah

10.what are u doing right now?
>>supposedly english hw… yep nglish hw at 4 am…

11. five words to say about u?
>>uhhhmm..retarded,, s2pid-smart (acc 2 manda t).. cool and awesome.. just stupid (acc 2 jenn..)  *geez people.. thnx…*

12. name ur good friends
>>u serious?!!?der’s gotta be a chillaxillion of dem…

13. one person u want to spend the rest of ur life
>>one really good friend.. dude,, lam mo na kung cno ka..

14. what were u doing before this?
>>english hw… answering antigone questions.. u know,, dat greek play by dat greek dude..

15. what are you thinking right now?
>>wen u say wat,, do u mean who?

16.what did you do last night?
>>cry myself to sleep…..? oh nvm,, dat was valentyn’s day..

17.what did you last say to a friend last night?
>>”u retard!!” hahahahah 

18.what attracts you to the opposite sex?
>>funny and nice.. i mean lyk not being snobby and all.. has to be APPRECIATIVE *wink, wink*.. and of course,, he HAS to REMEMBER my NAME.. not many peope do… hahahah

19.what makes you happy?
>>uhhmm… wenever… i … talk 2… or just even…. see… *ahem*

20.who’s the last person u txtd last nyt?
>>i think it was jenn… ? [or not…]

21..who was the last person you talked to?
>>my sis…?tellin her 2 kill d spider herself…? [don’t ask]

22.what do you want to tell someone but you
haven’t? …
>> “i really lyk u…” no way in hell will i everell him dat… 

23.when is your birthday? …
>>november 31, 1989…. hahahahahah!!  seriously….? april 25, 1989..

24. when is your crush’s birthday? …
>>do i really hav 2 answer dis?!!? how ’bout no…?

25. when did you last smile? …
>>talking to him b4 he went home… hahahahah

26. why did you answer this?
>>[good question… ]it’s interesting…….?

27. when will you marry?
>>wen the ryt guy comes at d ryt moment… hahahahah!! sounds serious..

28. When did u last receive a gift?
>>i got a lollipop last monday,, does dat count??

29.when did you last drink alcohol? …
>>uhmmm… uhmmm… i’d prefer not 2 answer dat question… cuz u know,, it’s hard to get expelled…. i mean,, get caught….


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