mwahahahahaha!!!!! emily’s party was crazy!!!  cake fight!! she got in s0o0o0 much trouble tho… (s0rrrrrrry….) i feel really bad… i mean, i started it.. (confession!!) but dude!! that was REALLY FUN!!  hahaha!! yeah,, we made up names when we were bowling… our initials..? FCUKUS… (can’t do it d right way.. 2 many peeps.. hehehe.. ) i was ‘U’.. (well,, one of them.. abbey was the other one..) i was “uracil” for one nyt… (who came up with this name anyway!?!?!?) the best part of the nyt,, was,, uhh… wen we wer all tired,,, and we wer tryin 2 squeeze ourselves in these chair..  weird.. not 2 mention stupid… (i mean, cmon,,, there’s gotta be lyk 30 seats der!!!)  

oh,,, jenn gave me a ride goin 2 d party,, and of course goin home… guess wat i found out?!!? jenn wanted to go to DeMatha…  i guess she failed…  don’t worry mushroom… lyk i told u,, i wanted 2 go 2 gonzaga.. but,, sum things aren’t just meant 2 be.. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! just kiddin!!! (jowk..? lmao)

yep yep,,, awesome nite….  (emily… dude,, U ROCK!!!!!! )


jenn: “my pants r glowing!!!”  (people,, don’t ask..)

moi: “i smell good… *sniff*”

g: **2 busy goin back and forth on d ALLEY….**

abbey: **2 preoccupied stealin other people’s turns… **

*~*~*~convo with my dad bout d party~*~*~

dad: so,, how d’you do?!

me: i got 23…  (hey,, it was my first tym!!)

dad: dat’s awesome!! i didn’t know u wer good at BASKETBALL!!

me: dad,, we played bowling…?

dad: oh….. u suck dat bad…?

>>sheeeshhh… feelin d luv….<<


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