My legs hurt sooooo bad… too much DDR in G’s h0use yesterday!!!!!! But,, hey.. that was really fun… >>>and i totally suck…<<< but wen i woke up,, i couldn’t walk….

This week has been so0o0o annoyin….. people wer buggin me bout who lyks adam frank… PEOPLE!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!! >>>and oh yeah.. to “that person”  [u know who u r…] sorry bout all these.. i didn’t mean it 2 be lyk this!!!!!!!!! Swear!! Luv u!!<<<

Flip club last Friday was—-short. I had 2 leave early… jenn and manda tried to hide me from ms williams so we won’t go home… >>keyword: TRY<<< we looked like idiots.. tita cez looked really concerned about us.. she was lyk :wat r u guys doin?!!? Hahaha.. yep.. retarded we are..

No classes on Monday!!!! SCORE!!! Life’s go0d.. [without school] Oh yeah.. speakin of school.. wer readin romeo and juliet in english class… haha.. who would have thought shakespeare could be so… amusing..? they talk about…. Uhhmmm… inappropriate stuff’’ [to say d least]… lmao..

Whew.. drama all week..

Know how hard it is to be t.o.r.n a.p.a.r.t!??!! And those people hurtin u have no idea what they’re doin?!?! You do everything u can to make things work.. but it almost feels like ur the only one tryin.?!? lyk they don’t wanna do anything bout their problem?!?! U pour ur heart out and it seems lyk it’s useless… opening up to ppol is hard enuff.. but bein shut down lyk that,, dude,, that’s just harsh… they don’t get it…they don’t know wat they have.. they don’t know what they’re loosing here.. can’t they see?!?! All they have 2 do is hold on to eachother TIGHT… but no… they just have to let years of friendship go to waste…. And don’t give me dat crap that it’s not that easy… don’t talk to me about diffuclt and complicated stuf.. ur talkin to a  girl who moved 12,000 freakin miles away, leavin everythin she’ve known all her life… <sorry… didn’t wan 2 bring dat up,, but, i jst had to prove my point..> Well guess wat?? I’m not gonna let dat happen..

Whew…. That felt good… hahaha.. Now everything’s off my mind.. i’m gonna go CHILLAX…lmao…





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  1. yes i care about your life YOU ARE MY HOMIE L DAWG!!! lmfao… see? me + gangster is really creepy… LoLz… lalala… ahhh hooooottt layout… i was trying to make something like this, but i can’t find a really good pic… and i the background was small and yea… didn’t really work out for me…. BLEEEH… and yes it sucked….. it sucked to the pineapple pits……..
    >> yours.truly, m.u.s.h.r.o.o.m<<
    YOU MUST HELP ME WITH THAT BIO QUESTION!!! and what pgs do we need to read in the Demon book?

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