it’s past 1 am and im still up!!! I just finished eng essay.. and I still have to study for bio test… I promised jenn I would *try* to finish the wksht….. whattahday… we came home around 9:30 pm.. we watched the pacifier.. it was sooo cool…. I liked it… JJJ that one guy was *kinda* cute… <nice hair!!!> it was max sumtin… oh well..

ayt… now, what happened to my pathetic life this week..?

Monday – no school!!!! Don’t really remember anything but freezing outside immigration building sumwer in Virginia

Tuesday – I brought flip food in school!! It was….. tounge. Cow tounge. Teresa ate it.. it was really good…

Wednesday- oh……. Not good…. There’s this thing that happened during lunch between matt and monica…. That was soooo horrible!! I can’t get over it!!!! No, not a fight.. (but it happened to me,, I swear,, I’d be so upset…) then we kept on buggin matt bout I all day.. <poor matt> we still love u matt!!!

Thursday – jenn and I went to mr lander’s room to ask help for geometry… then during class that day…. We actually knew what he was talking about!!! We felt smart!! And sum1 was like.. “dang, girl!” LMAO!!!!!!!!! That was just or that day, though.. I mean, really,, we’d be lost like ever again… (right mushroom…?)

               – then after school.. we were in d office.. putting that “copy” stamp on documents… then I stamped kuya (susa) on the forehead!!! LMAO!! then ms. Williams saw it, she was like,, “uhh… ur too late for ash Wednesday, honey…” hahahahah!!!

Friday – during lunch,, I gave matt <yesss.. him again..> a cookie jenn gave me… he said it was really good… except for the fact that I dropped it already…….. right beside the trash can…….. and ALMOST stepped on it… (but I didn’t!! so,, it’s all good…)

drama people broke our stix for our flip club!!! We can’t tinkle anymore!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! I loved those stix!!!!!!


Sooo,, that’s pretty much it… and J.E.N.N. kept on *tryin* to be gangsta all week.. *ahe-horrible-hem* and oh yesssss…. I will never forget her FAKE fobbishness…. Only GENUINE fobs (and gangsters, for that matter) can do dat jenn… here’s a tip… CUT THE CRAP…. >>>I luv u!!!!<<<


6 thoughts on “

  1. geez nella… i’m all over your post… LoLz ^_^
    YAY!!! U INCLUDED ME AND MY FAKE GANGSTER AND FOBISHNESS!!!! OOOOHHHHH!!!! lmfao…. ^_^ i wuv u too!!! you loser
    …..when will life get better for us?….. are we always gonna stay this way?…..
    >> your.Mushroom <<

  2. geez… you really need to update… my comments are all over this post…
    read my blog for today! ^_^
    >> mushie <<

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