We did some “spring cleanin”… whewwww.. so0o0 tired… <and hungry..> 3 more school days till spring break… but my spring break’s gonna be so boring though… uggghhhh… wer not goin anywhere… just goin to stay home…>>>> i got my guitar back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 yaaaaaaaaay!!! I can play again!!! I missed my guitar!!!!

Monday:: ohhh… i remember i *ahem* cried… LMAO!!! Looong storyyyy…. And jenn got in trouble because she <supposedly> cheated off from emily’s demon in the freezer response sheet… i mean, really,, it’s JENN!!! In any “cheating circumstances” she’d be the one people would be copying from!! And,, a response sheet?!?! Cmon now… >>>>>Oh yeah,,, the day sucked,, but after school was fun.. manda, me, and matt(bell) wer hanging out… we were like retards on the kimsey center.. we wer just there,, talking.. then we kinda “lost” matt.. lmao!!! Then i found him after 30 minutes… it was weird.. and who would have thought that he played baby bear in their 8th grade play!??!?! Lmao!!! That’s really cute, matt…

Tuesday:: uhhh… i can never remember what happened on Tuesdays.. uhhhmmm.. *thinkin hard…*…. Uggghhh. I can’t exactly remember… but i was sooooooo close to being anti-prep…. These pipol in school just piss me off!!!! The way they walk, act, and talk really bothers me!!!! I’m just like SHUT UP!!!!!!!…… *calm down…*

Wednesday:: i hang out with teresa all afternoon.. coz everyone leaves early on Wednesdays.. <damn u pipol!!> and manda had to take that placement test for that geometry course during the summer…

Thursday:: we had a biology party after school!!!!! Lmao!!!! Noooo,, cuz we saw stephanie, monica, and erin studyin geometry last Wednesday.. <w/c was yesterday> and they said it was “exclusive..” dorx.. lol!! Then we started doin bio hw on the hallways.. <i didn’t know that was called “heritage hallway”.. u know, that hallway with the pix of those alumni or wtevr.. > then,, the bio party started…

Friday:: we had flip club… 6 pipol showed up….  5 flips,, one white person..<adam frank> and manda.. <wait,, that’s 7……. > no i meant 6 pipol participated… <manda was dead!! She just sat there.. laffin her ass off..> then jenn had to go.. then i was the only one left.. then tita cez and shanon *tried* to teach me that hawaiian dance.. it wasn’t hard.. i just look retarded when i dance..>>>>>>> then,, i borrowed the grudge dvd from kuya <susa> and i watched it with my sis… i was REALLY disappointed.. it wasn’t that freaky… well.. it was scary.. but not as scary as the ring.. < i luv dat movie!!> but,, i’m scared of the grudge too.. coz my room <with my sis> is in the attic.. and we also have those lil closets with ahhhhhhhhh!! U know wat im sayin!! I don’t wanna talk about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quotes to live (… and laff….) by::::

“young men’s love lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes..” >>Friar Lawrence<< (everyone who agrees, raise ur hand!!!!! Everyone who disagrees… ur guys, aren’t u?!?!)

“i’m not in benilde… i just color a lot…” >>Matt<<

scary movies scare me.. “ —  “im scared of scary movies” >>>G and Matt<<< [duh,, i mean,, that’s the point…..?]

Jenn <to amanda>: wait.. ur es- els—el savvvl-ord—

Me: …el salvadorian…

Jenn: yeah that!.. ur el salvadorian?!?! I thought u wer spanish!!!!

<uhhhmmm…. Jenn.. u dork!>

There’s a looooottttt more… i just lost count.. no seriously…

And lastly….. JENN!!! I told u i was right!!!!!!!! U have this fake irishness thingy!!!!!!! I win!! I sooooo win!!! Mwahahahaha!!!! And i didn’t know u burned me that killers cd?!!? I ❤ u!! ( “<3” ?? LMAO!!)

Oh wait.. one last thing <i promise> we got a 200/200 in our julius caesar mag!!!!!!! O my flippin gosh!!!! <WTF?!?!>

>>i’m gonna go now and eat.. before i swallow my pc…



2 thoughts on “

  1. lmfao…. u soo funny…
    lmfao…: Jenn <to amanda>: wait.. ur es- els- el savvvl-ord—           Me: …el salvadorian…          Jenn: yeah that!.. ur el salvadorian?!?! I thought u wer spanish!!!!

    hahahahaha wooow… i didn’t realize that i was that stupid o.O haha ^_~
    i am done with your note ^_^
    AHHH TODAY IN MATH!!!! ^_^ *BIG smile*
    hey, u know what? i’m gonna put funny stuff in my blog tom. and we’ll see who has the best and funniest stuff ok? HA!!!
    >> m U s h I E <<
    i just thought of something: damn, i forgot *thinks* hmmmmm….. o yea, YOU LOSER!!! REMEMBER WHEN I TRIED TO TEACH U GUYS HOW TO USE AND WRITE A PEDIGREE CHART THAT umm…. THURSDAY AFTERNOON!???! THANX FOR FORGETING!!! not cool dude… it was me, you, erin, and AMANDA… not monica and stephanie… steph was at softball with G remember?!???

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