I don’t even know why im sooooo excited… i mean,, im just goin to be bored in my house… but i gotta admit…. 1 ½ weeks of no school and waking up late sounds,,, er,, alluring.. <big word!!>

it was a sh0rt week.. i mean,,, duh… its holy week… Monday.. me, jenn, and the amandas.. (yes.. trejo and DJ) helped  ms molly with the info sheets and course choices of the applicants… we had to arranged them alphabetically.. turns out we don’t know our alphabet!! We kept asking, “what goes first? K or L?” or “what’s next after W?” LMAO!!! Wer sooo stupid……

then,, Tuesday….. ugggggghhh… i can’t remember again!!!!!!!! Oh!!! Mike becker burned me AAR CD!!!!!!!!! Woooooohoooooo!!!!!!! Then,, i went home early.. no one was home!!!! My dad picked up my bro and sis from choir,, and i was outside my house.. ringing the doorbell… waiting for… nothing. and i realized that no one was home… of course my mom was at work… so then,, i waited for 45 minutes outside my house.. starving to death.. in the freezing cold…. Good thing i had kuya’s cd player, and my AAR cd!!!!! So,, it’s all good… hahahahaha!!

Wednesday was the loooooooongest day ever….ironically, it was 1:10 dismissal…. Last period was,, uggghh!! Unbearable!!!!!!!!but after school, i went to manda ’s house… we watched napoleon dynamite… <i know its old.. but ive never seen that movie before!!!!> it wasn’t funny wen i was watching it… but now that i think about it,, it IS funny… <matt was right!!! Remember how he said that!?!??!> then,, we watched secret window… that movie was freaky….. johnny depp was psycho!! Manda was so scared she was about to cry…. No, seriously.. and she would make all these predictions “its him!! he killed the guy!!” or “watch him come out of the closet!!” hahahaha!!! But of course,, they’re all wrong… sooooo much fun in her house….

Then there was.. Thursday. i woke up at 12:30,, ate breakfast,,, i mean,, lunch.. then,, hahah, that’s all.. whatta day.. very,, err.. unproductive… LMAO!!!!

I am bored to death…………………

>>>and of course,, my favorite part……. Unbelievably stupid quotes…<<<

in scripture class..

adam: ur talkin about ‘it’?

me: wer talking about sarah fisher…

adam: yeah.. it.

me: isn’t it suppose to be “her”?

adam: i don’t think “it” has a gender..

(i know.. mean,, but u gotta admit… that was FUNNY!!!!!)

in the admission’s office…

manda: wat comes after W?

me: duh, U!!! no.. i mean V!!! hold up,,, X!!

in the bathroom…

.Me: jenn.. u pee fast.

Jenn: WTF?

Last week in the kimsey center:

Manda: im in AP benilde!!!

Matt: doesn’t that make u super stupid?

Manda and me: huh?

Matt: coz,, if ur in regular science,, ur smart… if ur in honors biology, ur supersmart.. so if ur in regular benilde, ur stupid….. if ur in AP benilde, ur super stupid.

<that actually makes sense… >

Over the internet:

Mary king: I’ve always luved ur last name….BALTAZAR…   Sounds like someone plannin WORLD DOMINATION.

Lauren: i used to dream of bein a stripper (whoa wat?!?!) <she was just kiddin!!! chillax..>




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  1. heyz!!! YAY!!! I’M IN YOUR POST AGAIN!!! that’s awesome ^_~
    i put the quizzie thing on my site too, so, IT’S YOUR TURN TO ANSWER!!! mwahaha *evil laughter*
    >> yours.Truly <<
    lmfao…. i love this, but who’s Mary King?: I’ve always luved ur last name….BALTAZAR…   Sounds like someone plannin WORLD DOMINATION

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