Can’t wait for tomorrow…… bcoz tomorrow… i am officially…



lots of funny stuff this week…. Surprisingly, bio classES were funny…. We talked about worms and jellyfish and squids and sponges… what makes it fun…? Here are a few quotes…(btw, vestigial organs are useless organs..)

kat: “are boobs vestigial organs…??”


Matt: (in response to that) “no…. boobs are not vestigial.. they’re for guys…” (gross!!)


Amanda: “when u breath, u take in oxygen…… and exhale nitrogen…” (LMFAO!!)


Kat: “when a fish breathes, it changes water to oxygen” (OMG!!)


Sum1: “when u put salt on a frog.. it explodes…”


Kat: “when i went diving, i saw this big squid-like thingy,, that had LOTS of tentacles, and it was really huge.. bigger than a human..

Ms shoemaker: “i’m not sure wat ur talking about…….”

Me (whispering to alex): “it’s a sea monster..”


ms shoemaker: “ok, Let’s PRETEND spencer has worms… wat would u have to do to get his worms?”

Alex (whispering): “eat spencer..?”


kat: “so, they use worms to loose wait and it works?”

Ms shoemaker: “yes.. it works perfectly…. But u can die.


amanda: “i feel sorry for sponges… they can’t move.. and they can’t choose what sperm goes into their body..”


don’t u guys wish u were inn my bio class..?


anyway…the rest of the week was pretty much boring… except for “certain moments” after school… specifically Thursday and Friday…. I can’t really remember the funny stuff lorenzo said last Thursday.. but damn, they were hilarious!!! And Friday… b4 flip club… they were putting up signs that said “vote trey and sean” and i saw one.. i was like “who’s TERY?” and jenn was like “it’s TREY u retard!!” and that TREY guy was right there.. staring at us and giving me that “WTF” look… LMAO!!! A few minutes later.. still with the whole “vote trey and sean” fliers… we changed some of them to “vote trey and sean PEDRO or else the hispanic gangsters will kill you… (©abi)” LMAO!! (i REALLY want to put the paper thingy up here.. but our scanner doean’t work… go to jenn’s site!! it’s up there!! ChokingOnYourAlibi or sumtin like that… heehee) Abi is soooo retarded.. her mom calls her and she answered it: “elo? Elo elo? Dees ees page.. Wat doo yoo want? Elo elo?? wat ees yowr prablehm..??……mom! mom! Hello mom!! This is abi!!” LMAO!!!

Yeah.. that’s basically it… and oh yeah…. PARTY ON SUNDAY!! Yesss!!!! And my mom is still buggin me with the 16 roses wtvr and waltz crap… like im gonna do that… yeah right! Hehehehe…





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