dropping hints all over the place and getting ur hopes up…….. in the end, he takes my heart and makes it bleed… until i almost wish he chokes to death… ALMOST… yet … if he dies, i die…

but then again,,, aren’t i dead yet…?


2 thoughts on “

  1. whoa… deep… but why? what happened this time? damn it, where’s my phone…. *looks around…..shrugs*
    so anyways, CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY!!!
    *sigh* all the songs sung by one of the most upsetting people… *sigh*
    OMG, this song’s making me cry!!! DAMN YOU……… 2nd time this week, dude!! not cool, dude… sooo not cool… *shakes head*

  2. DUDE!!! what is UP yo?
    YES, U DID MAKE ME CRY!!! YOUR SONG MADE ME CRY!!!! it’s a good song sung by bleh…. i made an icon of it last night ^_~ LoLz
    ahhh CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!!!! YAY!!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO HEAR MY SPEECH!!! LMFAO!!! it’s so retarded, you’ll love it!!!! but don’t cry, it’s sad too!!!!! *BIG smiley*
    lmfao…. CRAB WALK!!! “shhh… i’m hiding…” then you step back and i do too for like 1 min. LMFAO!!! GREAT TIMES!!!!!

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