Good times…

And I was freakin out before the party!!! Good thing ppol are there to calm me down and to knock some sense to myself… and slap me across the face.. *ahem, matt* hey that hurt!!

It was awesome!!!! Thank you guys for comin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg… that was really fun… despite all the moments I almost ripped my hair out..

Speakin of hair… my hair was… uh… big.. lmao.. it was very.. unusal…

Anyway.. so we danced all those flip dances… then we danced a lil bit of random songs… then we danced the waltz… omg,, I danced w/ 16 guys… that was hottt.. (wink, wink) then they did the 16 candles where 16 ppol had to say sumtin to/about me… then… gradually.. I cried… yes,, I cried…. Specially when my sis requested this song that practically brought sooooooooo much memories… but then again,, this is “good times in the making”, right?!?!?

I reeeeeeaaaaaaalllly had a niiiice time.. (hail, mom and dad!!!) and omg!! Have I gotten to the gifts yet!?!? I got a cellfone!!! Un-freakin-believable!!!!!!! I know!! I cant believe it!!! I am sooooo happy!! And I got saome awesome stuff too!!!!!!! Cd playerSSS, an organizer (w/c I have no freakin idea how to use…), a LOT of purses, of course MONEY, cute jewelry, CDs… what else? Oh yeah!! LISTERINE MINT STRIPS FROM MATT!! Lmao.. what a retard..

THANK YOU guys sooo much… hope u guys had fun.. coz I did… keep the memories comin!!


7 thoughts on “

  1. ei… happi bday agen!!! nice party and u look soo kewl….. and for the organizer….its ur problem its nnot my fault that mama bought it hehehhehehhehe take care!!!!!!! and tanx for inviting us too!! niiiiicccccceeeeeee bye lov ya take care gurl!

  2. gosh, you’re such a loser.. LoLz of course, that’s not surprise… i’m the dork, you’re the loser, and Dine’s the dweeb… lmfao… “i want to be at least called dweeb… it sounds cooler…” lmfao
    FOR THE PEOPLE READING THE COMMENTS: i have the pix of Nella’s party!!! GO LOOK!!! NOW!!!!

  3. Moofin!!!!!!!!!! It’s leigh. sweetie that was the best party!! ur so awsome i miss hearing ur lame jokes. i so cant wait till has a free period u so have 2 cum and tell the moofin joke.
                                        oxoxoxoxox L

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