*        We went to the zoo!! Me and jenn got there late.. like really late… everyone was like: “u guys said 11!!” we got there around 1 pm.. hehe.. it’s called “fashionably late…” or Filipino time… whichever suits u well…

*        It was sooo much funn!! G was on a wheelchair and everyone took turns in pushing herrr!! Hahaha! Ppol kept bumping into things… and everyone just stared at us……..  and we bought food there,, we ate lunch and practically spit out the ice cream we were eating bcoz we were having too much fun… we kept on laffin our asses off from some stupid things… we laffed a lot that everyone around us were just like “wtf is wrong with them??!”

*        then we looked at the animals… we saw an octopus!! And bears!! And spiders!! And seals! And komodo dragons! And birds! And eagles that can’t fly!! (saddd I know..)  And uhh.. wat else??? I cant remember all the stuff we saw.. but oh well.. it was fun fun… then uhh.. after hours of walking and looking at cute and not-so-cute animals,, sum ppol had to leave… till there was me and jenn.. we went to the gift shop and bought friendship necklaces.. (lol I sound like im in 2nd grade)… then we took pictures of stuff IN the gift shop……….. then we waited for her mom.. and it was seriously about to rain..  like thunderstorms w/ lightnings… jenn was actually freaking out.. then we finally decided to walk down to the metro station…. Lmao.. we were jogging and everyone was like “wtf?”… well it was about to rain!! HARD!!! And thankfully,, we didn’t get that soaked…

*        And wait… fun’s not over yetttt!! After going to the zoo,, since it was pouring hard…. Me, jenn, and her mom went to hecht’s!! haha! Soo while her mom was trying on stuff… we tried on some stuff too!! We put on caps, sunglasses, scarves, belts, purses….. and PROM GOWNS! We took pictures, of course! Jenn, u gotta print those out SOON…

*        I had soooo much fun today…. All the yelling I got for coming home late was worth it… haha..


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  1. NELLA!!! yes, i do have fans and i am happy!!! i’m finally getting a lot more people into going to my site… YAY!!!
    and YES, all the icon things that u liked a lot are new…… so you’re not that much of a loser after all!! o wait, what am i saying… yes u are!
    mwahaha, gonna check my email NOW… yay!
    (when u reply to this comment, just put it in my other site, k? thanx)

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