Finals are over!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHHHOOOOO!!!

I’m soooooo glad school is over!!!!! YAAAY!!!!! I can wake up late tomorrow!!!!!!!!

But it’s saddd… coz I wont see other ppol till… next school year… *sigh*  im going to miss you guys….

Yeah…. Nuttin happened… coz duh, finals… geometry wasn’t as hard as I thot it would be.. (surprisingly..) uhh.. anyone know when we find out what we got in our tests..?

Oh yeah….. I have to spill out all my anger about sumtin….. today was the last day of school and of course, ppol were planning sumtn.. so we were planning to go to wheaton just to… uhh..  chillax after those bombing exams….. but my parents didn’t want me to go… coz guess what..?!?! apparently,, they think im goint to be abducted in the mall…. Seriously,,, what are the odds I would get kidnapped!?!?!

And noooo… that’s not all… ok, we were watching American idol.. (oh shut up..) and I want Bo to win.. (yes I do!) but they wanted carrie to win…. So I was calling that #… and they wouldn’t let me vote… I was like “cmon! I can’t go out.. I can’t vote… dude!! What would I do with my God-forsaken-oh-so-pathetic life?!?!!” UGGGHHHH!!!

I gotta get a life over the summer…. Ohh! Im going to new york this Saturday!! And I’m doing volleyball!! Is that considered active enuff??


my sis’ school::

my sis: BOO!!

Her classmate: Jesus Christ you scared me!

Me sis:…….. I’m not Jesus Christ..


//ayt. This one is kind of obscene… hehe..//

6th period lunch::

gen-of-eve: why is everyone drawing penises on year books?!?

Jen (sp?) perry: I know! Sum1 draw a fxcking vagina!

Sebastian draws one….

Sebastian: there u go.. so if u feel like a girl,, look at the penis.. if u feel like a lesbian.. look at the vagina!

Luisa: what the hell is that?

Sebastian: a vagina

Leigh: it doesn’t look like one…

Sum1: ooh.. leigh.. how do u know!?

Leigh: coz I have one, u fuck!



before school…

me: it’s the ast day of school!! It’s sad…

matt: why are u sad?? Im happy coz I wont see u guys anymore!

Everyone: *gasps*

Matt: joking….

Sum1: oh shut up.. we don’t like you!

Alex: I never liked him..

Matt: *gasps*

Hahaha! One word… Karma.


Oh yeah!! Ppol!! We gotta meet over the summer!! ImmA go CRAZY!!



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  1. haha ahh i forgot my calc. for the geom. exam today!! so i had to do it alllllll in my head…uh oh i dont think i did too well lol….you’re going to new york?? oooo, i’m jealous!!!

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