— Known as: Marinela//nella//Lanelle
— Lives in: hyattsville
St. john’s
–Shoe size: 9!!
–Hair color:black
–Eye color: dark dark brown… black..?
–Style: uhhh….

[section 2 – have you ever…]

–Broken someones heart: nope
— Had your heart broken: yup
— Had a dream come true: uhhh… im not sure..
— Done something you hate?: oh yeah
— Cheated on a test: hehehe.. yeah

[section 3 – currently]

— Wearing?: white shirt.. and gray shorts
— Listening to?: the used >>all that I’ve got..
— Watching?: uhhh.. nuttin..
— What Should u REALLY be doing?: filling up this form.. sumtin bout scholarship…

[section 4 – do you…]

— Have any piercings?: yup
— Drive?: not legally..
— Drink?: in “special” occasions..
— Smoke?: ew ew ew no..
— Got a cell?: yep *big smile*

[section 5 – the last person you…]

— Hugged?: ohhh…. I think G.. from school..
— Kissed?: no one… well there is this one guy in
my dream…..

— IMed?: uhhhh…
— Talked on the phone?: dette

[section 6 – personal]

— What do you want to be when you finish college?:
nurse…? Doctor..? anything on the medical field..
— What has been the best day of your life: my SWEET SIXTEEN PARTY!! That night rocked!!!

— What comes first in your life?: God
— What are you most scared of?: loosing sum1 I love…… and goodbyes…… and snakes…
— What do you usually think about before you go
to bed?: ……so there’s this guy……
–Did you lose someone you really loved?: yeah…
— How many times have you fallen in love?: uhhh… how do u know if ur in love………?
— Love your friends?: OF COURSE!
— Love your family?: well, we have our moments… but I LOVE THEM TO DEATH

[section 7 – favorite]

— Movie: uhh.. let’s ee.. spiderman2… school of rock… coach carter… napoleon dynamite….. the ring1… a
— Store: target….?
— Sport: to watch or play..? to watch>> basketball…. To play>>volleyball
— Day of the week: FRIDAY!!

[section 8 – do you]

— Like to give hugs?: yeah.. why not?
— Like to give kisses?: uhhh… ha.. ha.. haha..
— Like to walk in the rain?: HELL YEAH
— Prefer black or blue pens?: black
— Like to travel?: yep yep
— Sleep on your side, stomach or back?: side or stomach.. I can NEVER stay still..
— Have a goldfish?: I did.. but it died….. I don’t think it was even a goldfish…

[section 9 – what do you think about…]

— Suicide: uhh… I can understand why ppol do it….
— Smoking : NASTY
— Summer: fun… but sumtyms boring…
— Tattoos: uhhh.. not into it very much…
— Piercings: I guess they’re okay… but not like all –over
ur body…
— Gay Marriage: ohhh…. Ha..ha..haha..



5 thoughts on “

  1. this SUCKS!!!! this guy, Matt S., told me that SJC might be emailing our parents about the SJC blogring… UGGG THIS SUX ASS!!! and there’s a new one….. dunno what it is yet, though…
    it still sux…
    omg, i saw Phatom of the Opera last night and it was such a good movie, but i cried…. it was so sad……. i cried a lot about it…and…yea……

  2. marinelaaaaaa….havnt talked to u in a while so i thought i would drop some props! plus im bored…and i have exams all next week and dont want to study!!1

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