CFC Youth for Christ North Eastern Pre-Conference in New York………


It feels good to go and just worship God… I mean,, it was awesome!! We were just rocking and yelling out the songs.. and we didn’t care that we are all out of tune… and the talk was awesome too.. every time I go to pre-con.. I cry.. coz…… idk.. it feels good… it’s like getting in touch with Him again… Lmao.. but no, seriously.. it feels great.

had fun… met sum ppol from other states.. don’t really remember their names.. lol.. but I remember mike and bobby from new york.. and Karen from new jersey.. (dang. That girl can sing!) and Kevin from virginia…… and.. ha! That’s it!

Oh and after that… we just drove around new york… too many lights!!! I gotta go back there!!!!  I GOTTA GET OUT OF MARYLAND!!!!! Hehehe…

Too bad I can’t go to the conference in Ohio my parents are not gonna allow me.. hehe.. but.. I really hope I can go to next year’s pre-con…. It’s in Delaware I think..

Everything else was nice.. except for the bus ride.. dang.. 6 hours in the bus… that seriously hurt my butt… lmao… it was hard to sleep too… but everything else was great…

And DETTE… if it weren’t for you.. I wouldn’t have gone… YOU’RE MY HERO!!!!


Then today.. we went to Potomac mills and went shopping!! Oh yeah! And in the midst of my shopping glory… jenn called me… and she was doing sumting really awesome…

She was buying watermelons…….. How nice… (lmao)

Anyway… I bought a bunch of stuff!! Me and my sis just walked around and went to our favorite stores:: hot topic, claire’s, this bookstore  that caught our attention and of course… five below… hehehe…


Then tomorrow.. we have a party in tta mollys house… really hope the weather’s gonna be nice………


Wow.. I’ve been busy lately… then we’re going to king’s dominion for my bro’s bday/grad…I’m actually having a life!!! Hehe… hope this goes on all summer long… or else… im going to be C.R.A.Z.Y….



sum1 (I forgot who!!): I used to want to be a make-up artist

Joanna (sp?): did you, really?

Sum1: yeah.. that’s before I realized that there’s a difference between boys and girls.

Chris: whoa,, u figured out that one late!  



sum1 random: excuse me… how old is your age again?




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  1. omg lanelle!!! hahaha! i know that sum1 who wanted to be a makeup artist! i totally remember him saying that hahaha! it was so great to finally see you again but i’m oh so sorry that i wasn’t able to say goodbye. i guess i was too tired and was worried of how the montgomery peeps were getting home coz i was in charge of them. awww i really wish u can go to conference! but i’m so glad u had fun! see you soon ok?! tc!

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