>> JENN made this… and i LOVE it……


2 thoughts on “

  1. hey hey heyy….
    i’m thinking about changing my layout… i miss the blackness… the white is starting to blind me… i’ll prolly change it on Friday… i have it ready and everything, though
    i’m tired… I COPIED ALL YOUR CDs!!! BE HAPPY… there’s like more than 10 of them… i think… i went through almost all my blank CDs for you and my cuz!!! ahhhhh!!!!!! oh, and they’re all blue… haha… and all the song titles are on them–except for 2… the 2 are CDs that i copied from someone else
    haha, the party was funn ^_^
    why can’t i hear the music?? this sux
    then where did u get your layout? i like the banner ^_^
    dude, i make my own layouts… takes me a while to finish, but i still make them!!! don’t hate on layout-makers!!! marie makes her own layouts, too
    good job on finding my new icons!! aren’t they pretty? i need more ideas, though… i’m starting to run out–DAMNIT!!!
    yes, i think that was the longest blog i ever wrote without any pictures… i thought it was shorter… ehhh *shrugs*
    i think this is one of the longest comments i ever wrote to u, too
    whoa… the music works… took a while… WHOA LMFAO… what happened with my paper heart?? it sounds really really different… sounds funny ^_^ i shall change the song……. or not… my paper heart shall play on forever… lmfao it’s creeping me out…. it sounds really funny

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