im bored..


1. Who’s your favorite Sesame Street character?
>>cookie monster.. coz he said…:”a friend asked me.. ‘what’s afriend?’ and me said ‘a friend is what the last chocolate cookie is for.'” awwwwwwww..

2. What is your least favorite color?

3. Favorite villain of all time?
>>plankton… is he a viallin..?

4. How do manage anger?
>> i……… listen to THE USED….. full blast…

5. What is the name people call you that you like

6. Do you run when you’re late?
>> nahhhhh…. except when the punishment is detention…. i RUN LIKE HELL!! well, i try…

7. Who do you think is the most underrated singer?
>> a lot of bands…… a LOT of not-so-popular bands…

8. What’s your favorite dessert?
>>ice cream! who doesn like ice cream??

9. What do you hate most about travelling?

10. What’s your take on Friendster testimonials?
>> it’s what ppol think of you… i guess..

11. Do you think you’re influential?
>> ha.. ha… influential? nah……

12. Name one overt characteristic of yours. Why
did this come to mind first?
>> wtf does overt mean? anyone…..?

13. Which paranmormal/superstitious/fictional
character are you scared the most?
>>ghosts popping out….

14. Do you collect anything?
>>uhhhhhhhhhh…….. notes and letters and cards…? stuff like that…. it’s fun to look back….. fun and painful, that is…

15. What’s original thing you would like to do
with/to your special someone?
>>it’s not so original….. but i’d like to hangout under a tree in a park,, by he lake,, and listen to him sing with his guitar………………………. call me hoplessly romantic, but hey, i like that idea…

16. Favorite childhood game?
>>chinese garter and jacks……….. oooohhhh and langit-lupa and ice-water!!! hahaha!! now that i think of it, the games sound sooooo weird…

17. How old do you think will you be when you
>>the death thingy on my site says i’ll die when im 64 (i think?) but i dont believe it… i wish to die when im old… but not too old…

19. How many times in your life you’ve been
>>less than 3… i wasa lil girl…. for cpnvulsion, chicken pox, and another thing i forgot…

20. What’s your first childhood memory?
>> i was drowning coz my dad let go of me coz he wa watching after my bro…. then he took my hand and tried to ‘save’ me… but my bro drowned coz my dad let go of him to grab me….. WAHAHAHAHA!

21. Ask one question to God: what will it be?
>> where are you from..?

22. Defense mechanism you use often?
>> “im telling my mommy!” ….. works all the time…

23. Dream prof?

24. Given the chance, on which TV programn
you’d like to star on?

25. How would like to be put to rest?
>>never waking up from my sleep…?

26. What kind of gifts did you ask Santa Claus on
your letters?
>>uhhh…. this expensive doll,,, but all i got was a big board game…. ive always wondered why… but now,, i know… i was bcoz my parents couldnt afford it!

27. How often do you cry?
>>uhhh.. rarely… i guess…

28. What’s the best thing you like to do alone?
>>talk to myself…?

29. What’s the first thing on your priority list right
>>loose weight…


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