When you look at me, I just—


Do you have to stare like that..?

I try to be brave and lock my eyes with yours….

But I can’t.

Gawd dammit I can’t.

I finally give up and look away…….

And you flash that smile..

Oh shit that smile..

It’s weird how your simple gestures send butterflies to my stomach..

And I wonder…..

Do you ever feel that way…?

With whom, though…?

But then again… do I really wanna know…?

….that your smiles are only meant for that person?

….that your happily ever after is my worst nightmare?

….that all I ever dreamed of would always be just a dream?

Lights… camera… heartbreak.


Then I guess I’ll just have to continue being me…

the admirer from far away…

…never to be noticed…

…not even a glance…

…not even a chance…

I do wonder though…

What could happen if I ever


Tell you all these?

Could I get that chance I’ve been dying for?

Or will I be in your “HA! GOTCHA!” list?

Dare I say, heartbreak again?

Gosh I miss you…

I miss your laugh, your jokes, your walk..

Those crazy things you do.

Making me wonder again..

Do you ever think of me, too?

Or at least something I remind you of?

At least that way…

I know that you’ve thought of me…

That somehow, maybe..

Just maybe..

I have the smallest place..

 …in your heart…



***forgot to mention… i DID NOT write this… i got this from some quote site…. and i was like “WHOA… too many similarities…” and i just HAD to put it here…. so.. yeah…. not that grest of a writer…***


6 thoughts on “

  1. nella flipping out the emo-ness again!
    haha…its a decade under the influence….
                        the song not the band

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