heyyyy…. got some jokes… well, some ppol might not get it… coz, some of them requires some….. uh….. “tagalog knowledge”…. wahehehe… (those are everything else except the three bold ones…) got this from my buddy charmaine…. (salamat pare!.)

Chinese Filipino Names…………..

>>>> Born during the night – Andy Lim
>>>> Born blind – Kenneth Sy
>>>> Born being swindled – Lino Co
>>>> Born while cooking – Nilo Toh
>>>> Born as 10th child – Sam Po
>>>> Born while being courted – Lily Gaw
>>>> Born fat – Bob Uy
>>>> Born little – Kathy Ting
>>>> Born different – Eva Yan
>>>> Born with porridge – Lino Gaw
>>>> Born looking for someone – Allen Sia
>>>> Born while counterfeiting – Faye King
>>>> Born during Sunday – Lyn Go
>>>> Born with malice – Mali Sia
>>>> Born angry with someone – Ally Tan
>>>> Born with picture – Lara Huan
>>>> Born with sweets – Ken Dy
>>>> Born undefined – Sam Ting

>>>> Born while taking a bath – Lily Go
>>>> Born not to take a bath – Dinah Lily Go
>>>> Born while buying – Bill Li
>>>> Born secretly – Tina Go
>>>> Born to pass flatus – Otto Tin
>>>> Born ugly – Kaw Yan
>>>> May reklamo ka??? – Nath Ting (hehehehe)


6 thoughts on “

  1. HAHAHAHA! cute. omg nella i am soooo bored! tell me wen u wana go to 6 flags!! i dun think i can have a sleepover in July…maybe in August tho if u still want! iight AHH i miss u! iight babe CYAZ!

  2. wow…would make so much more sense…the only one i got was faye king…..tssk tsk…ruinin my name…
    say hi to sister ernie for me!

  3. hmmm…… PARANG NAMUMUKHAAN KO TO AH hehehehehhehehe kanino kaya galing yan??? hahahhahahahahahahaa ung tinatanong ko sa ano ung music player code hindi ung kanta thnxxxxx

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