Bruce: (talking about his girlfriend)   How can you make someone love you without messing with their freewill?


                                    >>> From the movie:: Bruce Almighty


i watched tthe bruce almighty dvd with my cousin. it was HILARIOUS! but,, there were some stuff that got me thinking… just like that one on top. that hit me really hard. if it kills us that someone we love doesn’t love us back, what more for Him, the One who created everything, even us?

there were a lot more things that ‘God’ said in that movie…. i’m going to see that again…. and this time, i’m gonna pay more attention to the stuff God says,, and less on the funny stuff…


jenn left today!!! she’s going to california!!!!!!!!!! no jenn for a week!!!!!!


vball later this afternoon… yesterday’s practice was soooo much fun.. idk y.. we all sucked really bad… but we still had a positive attitude till the end…. hope that stays with our group through out the season… we’re gettin our uniforms on thursday!! (i call #4!!!) and first scrimmage is on saturday…


we’re not ready yet, but…. it should be fun…






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