second week of school…….. looooooooong and exhausting.

i kinda realized i should just be happy with my schedule…. (lmao) no seriously… there’s noo point complaining and whining blah blah blah… life’s too good for that…

short week! SCORE!

monday:: ……. no school…… but we had vball practice…. ehh.. wasn’t too good….

tuesday:: kind of a blurrrr….. i just remmeber going to the dentist and missing vball practice….

wednesday:: FIRST GAME! sjc vs o’connell… they were really good…. and it was a CLOSE match!!! and yes, we lost…. it was exciting tho…..the whole gym was going nuts!!

thursday:: uhhhhh…. nuttin special………?

friday:: we had a school mass… we always have one at the beggining of the school year… and another one later in the year… i believe…..

        :: SECOD GAME vs ireton! we left after 7th period, and missed 8th… tho for me, 8th period was supposed to be FREE period coz my teacher is the vball varsity coach.. bummer…. WE WON THO!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOO! im so proud of us!!!

sheeeeeeeshhhh my whole life revolves around vball……. yep yep……


ms schuler (my religion teacher) was telling us a hilarious story in class…

last year, there was this new student from Romania. his name is alex. during the mass last year, he went in line to receive Holy Communion. ms schuler, being his teacher and knowing that he’s not Catholic, she didnt give him Communion. she gave him a blessing and while she was rasing her hand to make the sign of the cross over him, he reached out for the host. ms shuler was like “no, alex. you can’t.” so alex just walked away.

after the mass, school resumed. in religion class, when ms schuler walked in the classroom. alex’s hand was already up.

alex: ms schuler! ms schuler!

ms schuler: yes alex?

alex: ms schuler, WHY WON’T YOU GIVE ME A COOKIE!?!?



4 thoughts on “

  1. hey breaking benjamin is sooooooo awesome 🙂 lol, and yes on the cookie thing, it does look like a flat part of the vanilla sugar wafer part if u think about it…….. poor dude.

  2. omg u have schuler?!?! she was my teacher too last yr. and ALex da romanian guy was in my class..HAHA i remember dat day wen he asked her…it was sooo funie! omg. haha. dat class was always funie cuz alex was always so curious about things…n it juss made it more funie. so im guessing u have free periods in her class every B day?? cuz wen i had her we had no classes on B days…it was quite fun!
    im so proud we both doing volleyball  =) its so fun! i wish we could compete agaisnt each other…but i dun think it gona happen cuz u dun play public?? or my skool is not in da area.
     =( boo who. lol
    iight luv u!!

  3. =D i talked to you for the longest time today! even though it was only for like 4 minutes.. it was the longest ever since like finals… whoa. i definitely need to talk to you more….. love you ms. neLLa who served the last two points of the game. chyeaaaah boi. everybody is jealous of you.

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