whooooo…… loooooong weeeeeek….

sunday:: worked with jenn in this fair thing…. we worked in this game booth where lil kids had to ‘fish’ using magnets… it was fun!! we met a lot of lil kids… there was jen, and billy, and grant and…… uhh.. i forgot their names…

monday:: game with carroll!!!! we WON!! woohoooo! everyone got to play… and JENN!! she served the game point!!! proud of you, dude!

tuesday:: there was a soccer game… if you go there and support the team, you get a free dress down day, if they win… so i went there and ended up being late for vball practice… so we had to run my laps holding a ball over my head with jenn and steph… that freakin hurt..

wednesday:: we lost to paul VI……  bummer, really… but i’m still proud of my team… we worked our butts off…!

thursday:: kinda different from the previous practices… shortie’s mom helped us and taught us new drills… pretty awesome…

friday:: we had an away game against holy cross… and i know i did horrible in this game…  but we still won… GOOD JOB LADIES!! oh and after the game, shortie, steph, jenn, nicole, and me were outside hanging out… shortie and steph took a picture wrapped around the pole… then coach saw it… he was like: “on the damn pole?!?!” LMAO!

saturday:: i had to cancel my driving lesson today…. AGAIN. bcoz my dad freaked out coz of a gangfight in the wheaton station…. and i was about to take the subway too.. so… yep… missed it again, and now i have to pay $35 nucks… bummer..

……so…….. that’s pretty much it….. still waiting for jenn to upload all those pix!!

ohhhhh…. speaking of pix…. here’s SJC jv volleyball….



sebastian: crap is not holy until God makes it…… GOD!


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  1. AWWWW dats so cute.! u n Jenn look so cute! hahhaa ders srgt. major!!! lol too bad im not in dat pic! :-/ lol! i miss u soo much!!!! i am gona visit soon! like in october hopefully..did i tell u already?!?! lol tell everyone i miss n love them muchos. good luck in ur vball games! we should talk soon! iight later!!!!

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