NOT MUCH HW THIS WEEKEND!!!! woooohoooo!!

monday::   ………………..

tuesday::we had a game against macnamara… we lost  and during the first match, i was trying o hussle fort he ball……. but….. me and amy collided and i tripped <LOL> i sprained my ankle and had to get out of the game….. HAHAHA..

wed:: we had the academic convocation… i got a GOLD STAR!!! and a PLAQUE!!! wooohoooo!! all those sleepless nights didn’t go wasted!!!!!!!!!

thursday:: we had a game against RYKEN… we won!!!!!!!! OH YEAH! but i didnt play……….  coach didnt think i could play bcoz of my ankle… but JENN played!!! nice serve!!

friday:: we played with our coaches today!!!!!!!!! it was FUNNNNNN!! most fun i had in vball practice!

           soooooooooo… that’s about it…… nuttin much going on.. except people are already talking bout homecoming… it’s in october 15…ryt? and im definitely coming!!! i missed last year coz…….. i dunno…….  but DEFINITELY going this year!!

           tomorrow is MARIE’S PARTY!! (happy birthday, dude!!!) and i have no idea what to wear fpr the 80s theme….. and no idea what to get her…….. HELP!!  anyone!??!


kate:: everyone thinks i’m stupid… i’m not! i’m actually smart!!! and everyone thinks that einstein is a… idiot!

emily:: AN idiot..

kate:: shut up! i met him! see, i built this time machine and i went back and i met him!

emily:: ………..reeeeeeaaaaaaally…..?

kate:: YESS! but see, the president knew about it.. and he got jealous… so i had to burn it…. but i met him!


5 thoughts on “

  1. Marinellllllllllaaaaahhhhhhh is my shero.
    i cant wait to kick it up at my party w/ you!
    for the eighties theme, you can wear stilletos w/ legwarmers, big shirts, neon jewlry, neon EVERYTHING, and short skirts and leggings or stockings.  BIG JEWELRY IS IN.  go totally 80’s mod.

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