it’s been raining all day.. actually since yesterday…. no complaints here.. i like it when it rains…. it makes you feel….. romantic..? <lmao> but snow is so much prettier!!

not a bad week…. but tis coming week is gonna be MUCH better!! monday, no school!! SCORE! then wednesday, we dont have classes coz everyone’s gotta take the PSATs… then saturday, HOMECOMING, dude!!

anyway…. about ths past week……

sunday::  marie’s AWESOME bday party!!! we went skating! oh yeah!!!! jenn fell SEVEN TIMES!! lmao! that was HILARIOUS! (in case ur reading this, u dork, i’m not making fun of you… i just think it’s really funny…. ❤ ❤ ) mainly, it was clarks’s fault…. (tho he won’t admit that, and say he actually ‘helped’ her stay up…) but the party was AWESOME!!  **ALL HAIL MS. MARIE!**

monday:: we had an early vball practice since varsity had a game in annapolis… then me and shortie talked to these guys.. they turned out to be sophomores… anyone know them? the cieslack twins? (i didn’t wanna call them ‘the twins’ but i forgot their names…) i felt bad coz i REALLY thought they were freshmen… well, they thought i was a freshman too… so…. that works out fine…

tuesday:: we had an away game… vs oconnell….. and apparently, we lost…  they beat us the first time we played them, too….

              BUT!!! after the game, it was HILARIOUS! stephanie called me and amy saying “hey, cmon, u GOTTA see this…” so i followed her and we went to the hallways of that school… then she showed us the lockers saying how short they are blah blah blah.. then suddenly one of the lockers bursts open then i screamed!…… just to see shortie inside it while she and stephanie laughed their asses off at me… (not cool….) then steph went to get more ppol, namely tiara, crystal, and bridget, to scare them…. i hid behind the door beside the lockers coz i was still cracking up and could not stop for the life of me…. then they got back and steph continued acting her awesome “tell me why these lockers are so small bal blah…” then i heard a locker open, so i figured shortie already got out of the locker… so i came out from my hiding place…  and they were all like “sheesh marinela, u scared me…” so i wa confused, coz we didnt exactly planned that.. shortie was supposed to scare them.. then i realized shortie hasnt come out yet.. it took her a few more seconds… then when she finally did, tiara, crystal and bridget freaked out! bridget and crystal ran away, and tiara ducked down to the floor and said sumtin like “don’t shhot me! dont shoot me!”  IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!

wednesday::  lunch was hilarious!!  ppol were asking the great abi some questions about the world… like “why is the world round? not a square?” and abi was like… “bcoz God likes balls… next question…”    “why did they put Jesus on a cross? not a triangle?”   “bcoz ppol were stupid back then.. they didn’t know how to make other things..”  LMAO!

thursday:: we were talking about a word we learned…. “masticate”……     it means ‘to chew’… no nasty thoughts!!! then we had a really funny, and disturbing, conversation about masticating…. we were like… “yeah… we all masticate all the time…. in public….” stuff like that…. it REALLY sounded dirty….lol… and steph asked mike… “don’t you masticate?” and mike was like, “no, i just swallow…” LMAO!

friday::  we had a Mass for vball, tennis, and cross country (?) ppol….. then we had study hall… W/C WAS AWESOME!! me, jenn, and shortie walked under the rain…. the two of them actually danced under the rain.. i couldn’t do that since i was wearing a white shirt… so…. you get the picture…  

saturday:: we cleaned the house. thank you very much. (hey, my mom was pretty happy about that… lol)



in Jesus and Church class….

dizhonie (sp?) :: one time, in camp……….

ms. schuler/russell:: was it band camp?

(the whole class starts laughing and ppol making fun of band camps bcoz of THAT movie…)

clark:: what’s wrong with band camp? band camp is fun!

(411— clark is in the school’s band…… so.. yeeeaaaah… make sense?)


3 thoughts on “

  1. hahai love the “what’s wrong with band camp” thingthat’s hilariousreally hilarious=Dand the tiara thing…DONT SHOOT ME DON’T SHOOT MElmfao…wow
    SHOPPING??! NO FAIR!!!!!i’m prolly going tomorrowif Emily can’t come here and work on the projectso yea

  2. AW I ❤ YOU NELLA!!
    ::makes heart sign with fingers:: heartheartheart
    my birthday was the shit.  im so happ you could make it.  plus your gift was so fab<3

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