HOMECOMING WAS AWESOME………. it started really great…. we were partyin like crazy.. LOL… and there were balloons!!!! YAY! ………..then.. it came crashing down on me….. on me and jenn actually….

here’s the rest of my week….

mon:: COLUMBUS DAY… no school!! yay! we had a game against holy cross… and yep.. we won… 

tues:: ……i have no idea what happened… i forgot..

wed:: game against seton… it was awesome… 25-13 and 25-8 (i think?)  then i played this game w/ steph… it was great, but she beat me…

thurs:: ms russell gave chuck a wet willy in scripture class!!!!! it was hilarious!! ROCK ON, MS. RUSSELL!  

fri:: game vs good counsel.. we lost..  it was a good game tho… GC’s school spirit is… WOW… they’re very…. CHEER-ful… if u know what i mean…

that’s all…


i’m dying to let you kow these things coz this time you’re my target……..
i lie in bed and sleep through my drowning thoughts
yeah forget about me, like you care.
and leave me here, just dreaming of someday feeling close to you.
as i watch you walk hand in hand with her, i say to my self..
anger can hurt. but jealousy kills.
i never thought this could hurt this much.
hold on, let me drop this crap
as soon as i turn her blue
as you watch her with all admiration
as she chokes on the lies she’s been telling you
oh don’t mind me, i’ve got through worse that this
i’m just not sure if i wanna continue this
i wish i’d stop hoping for all of my dreams to actually happen
coz reality is totally overrated
and i’d rather have you with me in that awkward state
than none at all.


2 thoughts on “

  1. yeah i go to dematha, it sucks sometimes cause ya know…but sometimes its alright, btw nick went to my old school, i know what ya mean about him being quite, you gotta be pulling teeth basically to get that guy to laugh, lol. and yeah homecoming was awesome.

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