monday::  –everyone pretty much hangovered from homecoming… the fact that it was 2 days ago before monday doesn’t make people any less wasted than they should be. i’m not even sure that made sense……
               — we won against carroll!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a… DEAD game…. but we won, nevertheless..

tuesday::  –in Jesus and Church Class::
       ms. schuler/russell:: u need to find a safe place for these service hours forms… okay? ……….. justin (vellila), do u have a safe place in your bag?
      juicy:: ……
      ms. russel:: well, u gotta find a place.
      juicy:: …how about my pocket..?
      ms. russell:: no!!!! tha’s not a safe place! when u wash it, it’s gonna get messed up!
      juicy:: uhhhh…. i dont wash my pants…  (he explained that he dry-cleans it….)

wednesday:: — we had a game vs paul VI……. yesss… we lost… we also had this loooooooooong ass talk about ppol complaining about coach foster’s ‘dropping the clipboard…’ i mean SERIOUSLY…. ppol get intimidated by that? i got no problems with that…. but i do have problems with my teammates’ attitude…. for some PEOPLE, i seriously think the team would be better off without them…. gotta drop that attitude bxtch! thank gawd we only have a week left, or else……………. but sad part is, imma miss my teammates… (except for sum ppol….)
                     –on our way home…. we had a popcorn fight and a water fight….don’t ask.

thursday:: –in math class::
       kramer:: i live here u know, in school.
       mr. carr:: really?? in the hallways?
       kramer:: no! in my locker!! u open it, and that’s my house!
       aaron:: (playing along)  u know if you go inside ur locker, it goes through the class rooms right?
       kramer:: yeah. exactly. i live within the walls…. walls are thicker than they may seem…….
       kramer:: no, coz see… after u do ur combination, u turn ur lock counter-clockwise 8 times, then swing the door twice then rotate the mirror in the locker, then tap 3x (and all those bs he said) then after that, it turns into an elevator….
      aaron:: do they also make you wear those shirts that make you hug yourself?
      kramer::  yeah! they make me feel loved.

friday:: –in lunch, we were seriously pissing off the freshmen at the end of our table….. IT. WAS. HILARIOUS. i mean, cmon.. we got that crap from sophomores last year, everyone gets their turn… so…. SUX FOR THEM! lol…
           — we got the night off from volleyball…. yess!! some R&R!! well,, not really…. i hung out with keremi (sp!?!?), dweeb, kramer, clark (and his ipod!!), rachel, and who else?!?!
           — highlight of the day:: GAIL’S VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOO!

that’s pretty much it… my sis is out tonight, watching a movie, and next week, it’s me!! some halloween parteeeyyy! CAN’T WAIT!


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  1. <33!!
    i love you marinela but you do realize i was the orignal fftl fan.  im so cool like that.  the only thing that bothers me about them is that the y wear girl pants. woosh.
    seriously you should havae come to the mcr concert.  there was like soo much cussing but thats ok.  i crowd surfed twice!!
    haha im like telling everyone cause it was soo much fun.

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