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  1. OMFGOSHI LOVE THOSE LITTLE THINGS!!!THE LITTLE…uhhh…CUTE BLUE AND YELLOW THINGS!!the hugs one and the gummybears one!!AWWWW!!! where do you get them??!they’re soooo cute!!!!!like my profile pic is the cookie oneAWWWWW!!!!!
    hahaha…PENIS!that was funnyand random

  2. TO MS. NELLAnella is dine and my losernella is slow and retardednella is a 16-year old sophomorenella reminds people of a chinky personnella is dine and my twinso we make tripletsnella has 2 siblingsnella has 2 WA CHA chiquitasnella has a half brother named enzonella needs to updatenella > chocolate cakewell, no, not reallynella needs to turn on her phonenella needs to get onlinenella plays volleyballnella is #4nella is in none of my classeswhich makes me sadnella > youjenn needs to go nowcuz she needs to go to Church

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