HERE IT IS!!  to those ppol who wanted them!!!!


  1. random::ikaw ang CHORDER sa banda nating “call of nature”… naalala mo a un?
  2. movie:: school of rock
  3. jello to wrestle in:: lemon-lime
  4. sumtin that makes sense to us:: SARANGHE!
  5. first memory:: nung binigyan kita ng letter nung grad six tau… puro joke ung nandun eh… still remmber that?
  6. pokemon:: mr. mime!!
  7. question:: malinaw ba ang mundo sa mga mata mo? (naalala mo pa un?!!?)

***daming memories pare……. miss na kita!!


  1. random:: your a great songwriter!!
  2. movie:: napoleon dynamite
  3. jello to wrestle in:: strawberry
  4. sumtin that makes sense to us:: FOOLS FOR GOD!
  5. clearest memory of u:: that january 04 camp when i served with u… remmber?
  6. pokemon:: eevee
  7. question:: who’s david?


  1. random:: you have agreat smile
  2. movie:: the notebook 
  3. jello to wrestle in:: peach
  4. sumtin that makes sense to us:: BESTFRIEND!
  5. first memory:: hanging out outfront with amanda trejo and forcing u to go to freshman/sophomore dance
  6. pokemon:: clefairy
  7. question:: do u ever get depressed or sad or just upset in general?!!?



halloween was… uhh… fun, i guess.. i didnt go trick-or-treating tho..  i wanted free candies!


monday:: we got to dress up! i was ms matched, as i mentioned..
        “mr. d’agata, what are u supposed to be?”
        “a hot drop-dead gorgeous italian guy. can’t u tell!??!”

tuesday:: …….

wednesday:: we had this hw in Jesus/Church class where we had to write our own obituary… it was odd and suuuuper freaky. mine sounded like a suicide note… but it’s all good…
                :: my sister, mylene, shadowed today! it was fun… except that some ppol prolly freaked her out…
         ” ‘gary’? isn’t that spongebob’s cat?”
         “he’s a snail you idiot!”

thursday:: it was crazy in tita molly’s car.. we had the frank borthers in the car… they were beating each other up, and of course, nestor was involved… tita molly was ready to scream.. lol..
         “so, mr. pribac for our business project, can we put up a strip club?”

friday:: no school!! i woke up at 11:30…. and watched tv all day… hehehehe..


GUYSS!!! GO TO MY FRIEND’S XANGA!! mentally_challenged_idiot and please watch the video!! it’s  HILARIOUS!


5 thoughts on “

  1. seriously, i can’t read half of your entry!  i should have learned filipino haha.
    this layout is the emo-est thing i’ve EVER SEEN.  marinela i ❤ you.  dork. =]

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