nanananananananana….. hey hey hey… GOODBYE…!

psssshhhhyeeeeaaahhhh ST. JOHN’S ALL THE WAY!

41-16!! wooohoooooo! yeah sjc!

soooo much funn… we totally kicked gonzaga’s butt… PSSSHHHYEAH! so much school spirit!! we even painted ourselves with my left over make-up from halloween…. i totally screamed my lungs out to support our team.. everyone was like ‘shut the fxck up!’……. yeah right. like i care. lmao.

well, the only downside is that i felt like hell when i got home… i felt like i had a hangover.. totally wasted.. and now… well, i’m sick. my lungs hurt whenever i cough…hehehe..


shout outs to my sister, mylene…..


u lucky moron, u got an mp3 player….!


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