ok… i haven’t updated in a LOOONG time…

but i just thought i should tell the world..




7 thoughts on “

  1. lucky….I need to wait longer…..I’m $90 short…..or at leats when I get straight A’s in my report card….have fun with ur ipod though…(listening to music that is.)

  2. NELLA!!! u didnt go to REG! omg! lol i didnt get to see u!! whaa!!! lucky butt gots an iPod!! boo!!! lol u know im juss jealous!
    why is every1 not updating der xangas anymore?!?! i guess der like LETS NOT KEEP GAIL INFORMED WITH THINGS GOING ON AT SJC!!  i miss u guys SOO MUCH!!!! we better have a filopino POOL PARTY DIS SUMMER!!!!!!!! and i think i should be invited! rite?!?! haha! RIGHT! gawd i cant believe im not with you guys anymore…life is hard…and i cant handle it !! ARGH! luv u NellA!

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