Merry Christmas everyone!

this is sooo sad.. it’s Christmas and i don’t even feel it…. (is it just me?) idk… i mean, parties were great and all… but it’s still not the same. i guess i got used to the whole “celebrating Christmas the whole month of December.” see, last year, i celebrated Christmas back home and……….well, i gotta admit, it was a lot more fun. really. i mean, i would just be sitting at home and watching tv, but…. it felt……. not like this. it felt better. *sigh*    

and oh yeah… since i’m doing this dramachine thing, i’ve been thinking…… maybe i should take a break from xanga.. just for a lil while.. coz i mean, cmon, let’s be honest, who cares? i suddenly can’t see the whole point of journals….. you type, change layout, and read other stuff. then what..? ahhhhh i dont know.

did i say Merry Christmas yet?



new fone!!!!



If Jesus was hanged, would Christians worship a rope?

hilarious! i know it’s not true and all… but that’s what makes it fun.

here’s another thought… why do people say ‘take a dump’…. why not leave a dump’…. i mean, taking?? really.

thanksgiving break was awesome…. (hell, yeah.) it almost felt like no one wanted to go to school. well actually, no one DID wanna go to school… i mean… who would?

monday::   in spanish:: 
                       “so, u guys watch news?”
                       “…………….is oprah news?”

tuesday::  after school:: 
                     “yeah… PBnJ… peanut butter and jelly… actually i use jam.”
                     “isn’t that the same thing?”
                    “nope. jelly’s more….jigelly.”
                    “ohhh… i thought jam was the european word for jelly.”

wednesday::  in business::
                           “you need to know the definition of data (dah-ta) for the quiz.”
                           “what’s a dah-ta?”
                           “dah-ta as in information…?”
                           “ohh…. data (day-ta)!”
                          “ehhhh.. to-may-to, to-mah-to…”
                          “po-tay-to, po-tah-to”
                          “le-mo-nayde. le-mo-nahd.”

                      joe chung::
                         “mr. hilton, are you related to paris?”

                        “i’ll draw bunnies while you guys talk about blood.”

                     mr lander: (talking about jenn)
                        “a year older, but not a year smarter.”

thursday::     after school::
                         ‘J’ is for jenn.”
                        ” no what are you talking about? ‘J’ is for carmen.”

friday::       in business::
                       “5 more minutes!”
                      “why are you guys in a hurry?”
                     “5 more minutes till the weekend!!”
                     “well, the closer the weekend is, the closer the work days are.”
                     “and closer the next weekend is.”
                     “and death.”

happy december everyone!!!! ahhhhh Christmas is sooooo close… can’t wait! we already put up our Chritmas tree last night. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Christmas!!

i’m also planning to change my layout… you know, the whole ‘new month, new layout’ thing…