Merry Christmas everyone!

this is sooo sad.. it’s Christmas and i don’t even feel it…. (is it just me?) idk… i mean, parties were great and all… but it’s still not the same. i guess i got used to the whole “celebrating Christmas the whole month of December.” see, last year, i celebrated Christmas back home and……….well, i gotta admit, it was a lot more fun. really. i mean, i would just be sitting at home and watching tv, but…. it felt……. not like this. it felt better. *sigh*    

and oh yeah… since i’m doing this dramachine thing, i’ve been thinking…… maybe i should take a break from xanga.. just for a lil while.. coz i mean, cmon, let’s be honest, who cares? i suddenly can’t see the whole point of journals….. you type, change layout, and read other stuff. then what..? ahhhhh i dont know.

did i say Merry Christmas yet?


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  1. You know that’s exactly how I feel this christmas and the year before that and the year before that…..we used to have parties and it was fun but now we hardly have them and whe we did it wasn’t the same….well hope you have a nice christmas anyways….

  2. aaaww! its ok pare! ganun din ako dis year eh.. ewan ko lang baket..:s but oh well, i still wish you had a great christmas! hintayin mo na lang ung susunod na panahon kung kelan dito ka ulit magcecelbrate ng christmas pare, dejavu!! another person in my subscription was planning to close his blog.. haha.. pero pare, for my sake.. sulat ka lang.. at least it helps you release whatever emotion you have there.. (may sense kaya pinagsasabi ko?haha) basta, nasa sayo na lang yun.. pwde snail mail na rin tayo! haha!! anyways, ingat ka! and merry christmas!! 25 pa dyan di ba?

  3. oh yeah.. no one can forget the effing presents! haha! haha! dude! alala mo pa yung mga letters natin?! with all the tape and staples! haha! pahirapan lang tayong dalawa! sige ba! im game! are you?XD where shall i give my address?O.o ill be waiting for yours din!^_^b enjoy your break pare! dont forget to exercise before school! haha.. joke!:p

  4. Hello there, kamusta? I was just browsing and I saw your journal… I like it….oo nga I feel the same…Christmas is just like an ordinary day now…wlang Christmas spirit…he he he … I would like to be friends kung ok lang sayo…k cge

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