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  1. ohhh…is it because someone’s been crying??? Anyway i hope you had a good New Year… yeah i saw your profile while I was browsing… anyway yeah cge subscribe ka para naman we can get to know each other…may myspace ka ba? If you do add me up namn…will tell you more about me myamya when I get off work…cge take care!

  2. haha.. such a surprise noh? me, getting a major in math..:whatever: nyaa, ang drama.. but hey, TAMA! LONG LIVE THE FIVE BRAVE SOULS OF THE USUAL FIVE!
    yesh! i got your address na rin! mine’s: 28 Aries Street, Bel-Air3 Makati City Philippines 1209haha, i can just imagine ur evil smile pare..

  3. ummm
    i have ur spanish binder..
    and u needed it for the weekend..
    and i am sick..
    and yuo dont have it..
    >.< sooo wut do i do?

  4. marinela world-domination.hello.i am in Virginia right Marc, Nathan, and Brian here.and Marc’s like running into wall in this skateboard gamewowbut anywaysi am bored.have fun

  5. OMFS i forgotandrew, peter, andy, and me were talking about emo music yesterdayand andrew was like”there was this kid in my english class who said thatemo kids go into their rooms and just–“crap, i have to show youit’s funnyhe’s funny=]they’re all funny

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