totally loving this book. probably one of the best i’ve ever read. (gotta thank jenn for that..<3)

short week. not much happened. really. hey, no complaints here.. 5 day weekend? then a 3 day week? i could get used to that.

totally STOKED to go to MARCH FOR LIFE.

can’t wait.

….yeah, while i’m here, might as well get this in the open. i’m not as…..uhh… dedicated to xanga as i used to be. to put it simply, i dont think i’m gonna be updating as often as i used to. (as if i update that often.) no i didn’t get a myspace (heaven forbid), live journal, or anything that pops to mind when the word ‘weblog’ is mentioned. i just merely lost my enthusiam for this. no, i’m not going to shut it down. i wanna be able to comment on people’s xangas. and probably update from time to time…  every 2 weeks? every month? just at random? who the heck knows?


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  1. hello  =]did u get my email like, sometime ago?well, just read this one thing for meyou have to sign in first, though.ok:read the really long-ass post that i wrote…it should be the 3rd one.but please read it.DON’T READ THE FATTEST PARAGRAPH(because that was about our whole…bad…issue)but read everything before it and after it.i think you should know this muy importante.*nods*but yea.ok.i’m done for now  =]

  2. oh.i didn’t know that you read it.cuz you didn’t comment or anything.haha bad. =]what don’t you get about it?the whole first paragraph was really, “#2″or issue #2or whatever i named it.but yea.’s an ugly thing.i’m screwed.

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