no school today. snow is awesome. it’s always….. uhh.. magical?

friday was soooo much fun.. making kids smile was great. mr. o’conell is hilarious, not to mention generous? dude, he bought ALL of us dinner in mcdonald’s! charles playing tic-tac-toe by himself is just plain…. weird. and jamarr, holy crap. jamarr–that dude’s amazing.

“what are you gonna do? stick you’re finger in there?”

“X won again. DAMN THAT X.”

“not the best way to spend a friday night. WHERE ARE ALL MY FRIENDS?!?!”

“Mr. OC, this is how ppol get into things called ACCIDENTS”
“YOU were an accident.”

MKS–must do again.




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  1. ah yes.making kids smile.that was soooooooooooo (x infinity)funnnnnnnn =]i’m glad a stayed.i’m glad you made me’Connel freakin rocks.“not the best way to spend a friday night. WHERE ARE ALL MY FRIENDS?!?!”…..”friends”?? HAHA.and the whole charles playingtic-tac-toe by himself.i miss having him in my math class.DAMMIT.ahhh wow. perfect way to end such a horrible week.
    happy valentine’s day………?omfs. funny shit after lunch. it was just me, “Gino,” and “Parental.” woooooooooow. i’m a retarded kiddd. and i forgot what we talked about… during lunch, “Gino” said that he knew how to… “interpret people” by what they draw (his mom taught him this…) and so, Eliz drew an eye. and “Gino” started talking about all these deep shit (like deep-deep. real deep stuff) about how she looks within the person/people she hang out with. he was like “so, for example, when you see a trashcan, you don’t see trash. you see a recycling program for the environment” and something like that. so she says, “so, when i see you, i don’t see an ugly person, i see a good person…..” and yea. it was funny.

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