i’m sorry my dear sister, but i’m stealing your stuff.



ahhhhhh can it get any more hardcore that this?


12 thoughts on “

  1. OMFC HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!LOVE THESE LITTLE THINGIES!!!!!!THEY’RE SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!the first one, the ladder one, and the last one are my favorites!!!
    and i mean you got your xanga 2 days before i turned 14. haha. sorry to be a bit foggy there. =T
    and NO!!!! IT’S NOT ANDREW ESHERICK!!!!! you got the Andrew part right. hahahahahaha. NOW can you guess who it is??! it’s not ESHERICK … it’s … !!!!!!!!!!! you CAN guess that, right??! not that hard … of all the Andrews in the world, i talk to at least 4 everyday …
    email sent back to you.

  2. i did NOT!!!!!!!just the comments were you put my name!!if you haven’t noticed i think i have at least 3 still up there!!!!!!!!GOOOSSSSSSSHHHH.you make me sound like a mean jerk. =[YOU MAKE ME CRY!!!!
    haha. no surprise there … ?just KIDDING.
    heart you oh so much, my sister from another … family.

  3. Hey I saw your comment..um SURE I’ll go..(if my parents agrees with me and all)..when is it though? and where in Delaware?…Well just IM me or something..do you know my sn? if you don’t it’s AIM: HinataXOasis  Yahoo: HinataXOasis (the same thing…heh ^_^”) Well talk ot you soon..srry if I comment you immediately..gomeh nasai “I’m sorry..heh ”


  4. heyyy buddddd.did you steal the pins back?I HAVE A NEW NICKNAME FOR ME: teriyakiAND YOU CAN BE: mitshibishi“your Japanese is so broken it dishonors my ears”
    my mom made calamari!yay!
      i shall talk to you later.      COUNT.               ON.                        IT.  dunno when though…

  5. Hey..srry I didn’t comment you immediately….um..sure you can email it to me…you do know my email address right??
    If you don’t just IM me on AIM or YIM(yahoo): HinataXOasis(they’re both the same..heh)


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