guess what?

today……. i’m oficially……….


sweeeeeeeeeet! one more year and i’m LEGAL!!!! YAY!
cigarettes ad porn? (sike, no!)

hahaha.. sooo.. today….

  • i went to Mass. yeah call me a loser or a Jesus freak. wtvr. it’s just my thing. (and mr. cooper was proud of me! HA!)

  • i got balloons! (thanks sam and steph, you guys are AWESOME!) 

  • natalie baked me brownies!! and they were GOOD!

  • someone gave me a HUGE muffin from starbucks…..who was that?? coz it was reeeeaaaalllly good…. 😀

  • jenn, lindz, and dine (did i forget anyone?) decorated my locker! for a few minutes, i really thought i was gonna have to decorate my own locker coz that’s my PERSONAL JOB! i decorate ppol’s lockers for their bdays… yeah i DID sort of feel a lil pathetic but hey, my locker got decorated anyway! (i caught someone ‘secretly’ decorating it.. hmmmmmm…)

  • i got a 10 years CD and three pretty bracelets from jenn! (accompanied by a cool-ass bday card with a looooong message… in orange, no less)

  • i got a gajillion of “OMG YOU’RE 17?!?!?”

  • $15 from my aunt who didnt know today was my bday

  • $1.25 from my lil cousin who didnt know it was my bday. it was ALL of her money too! i thought that was REALLY sweet.

  • my mom cooked spaghetti and chicken wings for me (yeah thos kind that you buy in costco and put in the microwave) and we had an ice cream cake too. yeah party of five. fun fun. (its ok tho. i know she had work last nite so she must be REALLY tired.but hey, i really appreciate the effort!)

  • i got a bunch of text messages from my relatives in the philippines. A WHOLE BUNCH. mannn that would cost me… but hey, thanks guys!

  • …………….. yeah that’s it.


it is a pretty boring day. i mean compared to last year which was WHOAAAAA. well, that’s life. if anyone should know about life’s ups and downs, it’s me. and what’s disappointing is… a bunch of ppol forgot. even the ones i didn’t think would. *sigh* and one of my balloons popped. and i only got to eat one brownie. and kramer copied my hw but didnt give it to me on time, so i didnt have it in class.

again, that’s life.

so what am i gonna do for my bday?

…………………………………………uhhh nothin. at all.

yeah yeah hold your AWWW’s and save your pity. ehh i dont even care anymore. i’m glad i didnt look forward to my bday that much.

just another day.



5 thoughts on “

  1. NELLA!!! omg! where was ur phone today!? haha i like called u after skool…i forgot to leave a message tho. srry BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    ughhh i miss u sooo mUCH!!! omg!  *HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUG*
    yay! im srry i can b there in person to give it to u. but if i was at sjc i would soo squeeze u so hard…hahhaa and PUNCH U 17 TIMES! YEAH!!! haha jk jk!
    aww ok well i’ll ttyl gurlie…i hope u had an awesome day! 17 at last huh? yay we r da same age whoop whoop!
    LUV YAH!!!

  2. awww man… not first to comment… then again, it IS 11:03pm…
    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ALL OF US TO YOU! (well from me) WE HOPE YOU HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY… BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!yea, forgot how the song goes… my bad my bad… i haven’t heard it in a while…
    HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY!!!yay! you made it THIS far!!! rofl. GO FARTHER GO FARTHER!!! whoa. reminds me of something that Dora would say.. OH! i have a story on that…
    did you eat out and eat pansit? or pancit… something like that.. or noodles? but YEA! LONG LIFE LONG LIFEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
    AHHHH I HATE HOW YOU FIGURED OUT MY LITTLE SECRET IN DECORATING YOUR LOCKER!!! MAHHHHNNNN!!! see, i was gonna do it before school, but no one was there and YOU were there of ALL people. so then i thought of doing it in homeroom. BUT Dine left her sign in your locker, so i had to go back and get it and yea… i’m pathetic, BUT I TRIED!!!!!!! i think i should plan 1 week in advance next year…
    OH RIGHT! the Dora story. so. Lindsay tried to go hunting for Dora the Explorer wrapping paper to decorate your locker with, but it didn’t work… she couldn’t find anything… but we were planning to cross out all the “Dora the Explorer”s and write “GENNELAICASAY THE CONQUISTADOR”… so yea…. like i said, we’re pathetic…
          oh well. we’re you’re friends and we love you.
    see you tomorrow, my mitshibishi<333333333 TERI-yaaaaahhhhhki

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