my new addiction. RENT.

it’s AWESOME. it has some…. unusual themes. but it’s great.

i did a lil research, and i just found out that jonathan larson, who made the whole play, didn’t even see his play. he died right after the dress rehearsal, the day the play was gonna open for the very first time. tragic, to say the least. but look at it, it’s successful and AMAZING.

sooo.. yeah, that’s what ive been doing for the first few hours of my summer. again, nothing to look forward to. study, projects blah blah. and i cant go to the summer trip i’ve been planning to go. it’s bad enough none of my friends are going…. but to NOT GO AT ALL? harsh. apparently my parents are scared. what’s the worst that could happen? me falling of the ladder? it’s a SERVICE trip, for crying out loud. and now my dad is trying to get me a job, 7am-4pm MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS. (yeah, uhh, wtf happened to summer?) hell no. sorry, no can do. as much as i want to earn money, i have projects to do. if i learned anything from you dad, it’s SET YOUR PRIORITIES, right?

i swear to God one day i’m just gonna snap.


AHHH finals…

thank God this school year is almost over.. THANK GOD.

looking forward to absolutely doing nothing….

good bye hw (for now).

“nice skirt bianca, looks a little too short..”
“nice hiki frank, looks a little too purple.”

“im tan on the outside, but im wite on the inside. i’m a ho-ho.”
“no, you’re just a ho.”

some pixxx::

>>much fun in Jesus class 

 >>….i have no clue…

>>REPRESENT! (lol…)

>> hehehe

>>haha niiice pose

>>lunch w/ these retarded ppol


>>history (UN?)

>>math buddies!

>>mannn i love this girl

>>chem.. OVER AND DONE W/!

>>the stoner minus the drugs

>>the coolest ppol ever

more pix in jenn’s webshot (i should get paid of endorsing..)

adios 05-06.





check this out!!



whoever made this….  DUDE you rock… btw, i got this from MYSPACEISGAY.COM


i haven’t slept in 40 hours.
uhh yay?
lecheng term paper.
(so what if he’s dead… dude, i’m gonna kill that dude again if i see him breathing.)

actually, i think the whole education system should be blamed.
it should cease to exist.

mannn when’s summer coming???