i haven’t slept in 40 hours.
uhh yay?
lecheng term paper.
(so what if he’s dead… dude, i’m gonna kill that dude again if i see him breathing.)

actually, i think the whole education system should be blamed.
it should cease to exist.

mannn when’s summer coming???



5 thoughts on “

  1. 5 days and 4 final days, dear[well, for you]   =T
    did you ever see him after school??! i didn’t… like at his locker i mean… Eliz told me that he was at his locker for a while… i didn’t see him at all… wtf??! and then Linds told me that he was “cheery” on the bus…
    see you later, my mitshibishi   =]

  2. i know what you mean din! ahahaha.. nga pala, for summer, ill be going to this summer college thing in University of Pennsylvania the whole month of july!! woohoo!! šŸ˜€ anyways..good luck with school! lapet na exams namen.. booo

  3. okay…so yea…i guess i’m happy that summer’s coming up too… but… i don’t get to see him…and no. still haven’t talked to him yet… i’m at brian’s house… and well… i haven’t talked to him since yesterday between 4th and 5th… and like i said, i didn’t see him at his locker after school…i think he’s avoiding me in some way? haha sike……..but enough about me……..seriously… i can wait until monday… i’m just really happy i got it off my chest [thanks for the support by the way =] i really really appreciate it… i dunno what i would’ve done if SHE got in the way…like she’s not already IN the way…]so yea. enough at me…want to explain? you can always email me…………….
    “if you can’t hold on….hold on….”^^brian’s singing it right now…
    when you come back downif you land on your feeti hope you find a way to make it back to me
    <3333333333 teri-yaki-dork-face

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