AHHH finals…

thank God this school year is almost over.. THANK GOD.

looking forward to absolutely doing nothing….

good bye hw (for now).

“nice skirt bianca, looks a little too short..”
“nice hiki frank, looks a little too purple.”

“im tan on the outside, but im wite on the inside. i’m a ho-ho.”
“no, you’re just a ho.”

some pixxx::

>>much fun in Jesus class 

 >>….i have no clue…

>>REPRESENT! (lol…)

>> hehehe

>>haha niiice pose

>>lunch w/ these retarded ppol


>>history (UN?)

>>math buddies!

>>mannn i love this girl

>>chem.. OVER AND DONE W/!

>>the stoner minus the drugs

>>the coolest ppol ever

more pix in jenn’s webshot (i should get paid of endorsing..)

adios 05-06.





5 thoughts on “

  1. hey Nel…LAAAAA!!!!
    YAY!!! BY THE END OF JULY??! YAYYYY!!!!! AWESOME!! AMAZING!! SWEEEET!! yesss. now we can go and hang out in Bowie. all you need is a car… we can prolly get “guess-who” to help us hot-wire it… lol. remember what i told you about that lunch some time (or a while back) ago? HAHA!!! yes. HIJACK A CAR IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!! amazing amazing…
    when i “you-know,” it’s like 10 min. away from where i live now…but it’s closer to 6Flags…lol. we already have the lot. we just need the house. like every house is already somewhat built except ours. i think it’s because we’re freaking asians, man. NOT COOL. them racists NVhome-builder people… haha jk.
    oh. and since you know like my whole family (Marc & Nathan at least… you can know Brian later…), i can TRY to persuade Nathan into letting you go with us on our escapade to various theme parks!!! YAYYYYY!!!!
    and i think i should change my layout.. it’s out-of-date now… i mean… “guess-who” already knows. haha. so i’ll change it sometime soon… to some other amazing lyrics i’m addicted to right now. x]
    now, i MUST go back to studying. ARGGGGHHHH!!! not cool not cool. and man. those pictures. that picture. LOL. i’m retarded. and i still need to update more from various…dates…and such…
    and i saw that email address, too! haha.
    and you know. i’m gonna try to get my mom to get you to help plan for my “guess-what”
    HAHAHAHA. love these retarded code things… ;]
    angle3 always,teriyaki-dork-retarded-chick named Jenn.

  2. OH DUDE. i lemon-juiced my hair!! i don’t think anything happened, though….
    *nella’s face: wtf?? lemon-juiced…??*
    i mean i put lemon-juice in my shampoo. it’s supposed to bring out “natural highlights”… i dunno if it worked… i haven’t checked a mirror yet…

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