my new addiction. RENT.

it’s AWESOME. it has some…. unusual themes. but it’s great.

i did a lil research, and i just found out that jonathan larson, who made the whole play, didn’t even see his play. he died right after the dress rehearsal, the day the play was gonna open for the very first time. tragic, to say the least. but look at it, it’s successful and AMAZING.

sooo.. yeah, that’s what ive been doing for the first few hours of my summer. again, nothing to look forward to. study, projects blah blah. and i cant go to the summer trip i’ve been planning to go. it’s bad enough none of my friends are going…. but to NOT GO AT ALL? harsh. apparently my parents are scared. what’s the worst that could happen? me falling of the ladder? it’s a SERVICE trip, for crying out loud. and now my dad is trying to get me a job, 7am-4pm MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS. (yeah, uhh, wtf happened to summer?) hell no. sorry, no can do. as much as i want to earn money, i have projects to do. if i learned anything from you dad, it’s SET YOUR PRIORITIES, right?

i swear to God one day i’m just gonna snap.


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  1. …sit tight i’m gonna need you to keep time just snap snap snap your fingers for me…
    hello my dear. heeeyyyy, you updated this on my half birthday! haha. cool.
    DUDE. WHOA. “if you had no feet, you wouldn’t be wearing shoes. if you had no hands, you wouldn’t be wearing gloves. if you had no head, you wouldn’t wear a hat. so… why are you wearing a bra?”LMAOOO!!! yo mamma is amazing AT PIZZA.
    ahhh summer. it’s so freaking hott outside. i’ve been out since finals ended and stuff and IT’S SO HOTTTTT. ahhh. oh the humidity…
    ah. yesterday. i called Gino on Marc’s phone at Brian’s house. and i made Brian play his electric for him on a voicemail. and well, Marc stupidly hung up without letting me tell him who i was and everything. so we called his phone again and i was like “hey, _______. it’s Jenn. okay so, that was Brian on the guitar and i’m using Marc’s phone…” Marc: “hey. what’s up?” Brian: “hey. Marc, get your hand off my thigh!” Marc: “wtf??!” Brian: *hisses like a cat* HAHA. it was funny. i hope/think he got it……… maybe?
    so what’s up on your side of the hood?

  2. hey hey!
    i guess i’m not the only one who changed my layout… you changed yours too! dude. you left my layout site…? THANKS! no i’m just kidding. i haven’t made a new one since like april… it’s muy muy sad… like pitiful/pathetic… lol. i might make more tomorrow…when my mom’s not here… so yea.
    HAHA. 6 hours. i beat my record of 3. WHOA. we are sooo awesome and cool and amazing at life, man.
    and about my layout. NO! i didn’t mean for it to be like THAT! and yes, i’m serious! see, me and Linds went to Hot Topic last Thursday and i saw that shirt. and i was like I WANT IT!! OMFS!! IT’S SO CUTE! but Linds was talking me out of it… sooo, i never bought it. =[ so i decided to make a layout of it =] i just wish the robots were cuter… they’re like…whoa ick. so yea. i would’ve made like ninjas or robots or something, but robots were sooo much easier to make on the computer.
    so. hmmm. july 8. no word from The Gino. DAMMIT. OMFS. YOU FORGOT!!! remember you were supposed to be like “hey, Gino–” me: “NELLA! YOU RETARD!! WTF??! NO NO NO!!!” you: “OH CRAPPP!! I MEAN _______!!!” AHHH!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE WE FORGOT!!!!!! NOOOOO!!! crap crap crap crap crap crap, man…………. SO NOT COOL!!!!!
    so what’s up? anything new from…4 am this morning? what time did you wake up? i woke up at…12:15pm. and i knew it without looking at the clock cuz i missed one episode of Will&&Grace. ohhh well. i saw the one where Will and Grace went to a hotel room to make a baby, but they started being all “wait wait, no. this isn’t right. sex changes things. i don’t want things to change between us” so they decided to go to a sperm bank and yea. but then Grace never showed up cuz while she tried running there, she ran into a pole and was knocked-out. then this shadowy dude on a white horse showed up and yea.
    did you see Boy Meets World??! AHHHH!! i did! both of them! the first one was where Topanga and Shawn kissed and Cory started freaking out and stuff, and Jack and Eric<3 tried to act all formal and stuff for Rachel. and the other one was about how that teacher-dude Stewart hit on Topanga in her room and Cory hit him and Stewart threatened him with expulsion. and of course Eric is there…being retarded… LOVE HIM! but yea
    okay done for now…long voice mails, long comments…you know me ;]
    <33333teriyaki dorkface little asian retard.

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