big shout out to st. mark’s CLASS OF 2006!


especially to my sister… HA! you made it!! sjc’s gonna rock.




3 thoughts on “

  1. awww that’s such a cute picture! yay for Mylene! yayyyy!!!
    did she get a haircut?
    and NO. no no no. i was like wtf? what song is THAT??! then i reread it. again. and again. and again. and again. and i was like OOOOHHHH — EWWWWWW. that creepy little kid sings it! well, the thing with the creepy voice.
    yes, only YOU can request. request on THIS page, though. okay??! i don’t want a whole mob asking me for layouts… and i still need to put them up! i’ll do it when i’m done commenting… sounds good?
    IT WAS NOT A DORKY SHIRT! it was cute! it’s black with the robots on it. emo ninja? OHH!! i bought a pin that says “robot vs. ninja”!!! and you know, i’ve heard that people are saying it’s “ninja vs. pirate”… wtf? where’d the pirate come from??! oh well. Andy’s stalker-girl person came up with it, so……… [dot][dot][dot]
    you should’ve called him Gino! then i can be like “NELLA!! 2ND TIME YOU RETARD!!!!!!!” but oh well. it’s in the past now. like way way way in the past. well like a few days ago, but STILL. oh well. just wait for 6Flags…HOPEFULLY. then you can be like “so, Gino–” me: “NELLA! YOU RETARD!!” you: “OH CRAP! AHHH MAN!!!” him [hopefully]: “WHO IS GINO?!?!” and yea…. sounds good? lol…
    i dunno if he’s going to Clark’s party… wasn’t there or at least didn’t when or if he got an invitation… or he prolly forgot… never know with that kid… and i need to ask the rents about dropping me off at your place… you’ll know by…say…Thursday? or maybe earlier…? lol.
    WILL && GRACE = AMAZINGGGG!!! Jack’s sooooo funny! and i love Grace’s blondeness…AND SHE’S NOT BLONDE! WHICH MAKES IT EVEN BETTER! and i love how Karen’s always so boozed up all the time and how Will is…well, when his squeaky voice comes on… IT’S FUNNY! lol. and yes. BOY MEETS WORLD IS STILLLLL AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE I DON’T MISS THE PENGUIN EPISODE!!!!! it’s one of the BEST ONES!!! I LOVE THE ONE WHERE CORY AND TOPANGA AND SHAWN AND PEOPLE GRADUATE!!!!! cuz then when mr.Feeny tries to announce his retirement, Eric starts singing to him AND IT’S FUNNY!!! and then at the end, Topanga proposes to Cory!! AHHHH!!! funny stuff, man. AND YOU WILL NOT MARRY ERIC MATTHEWS!!! I WILL!!! you already have ADAM L!!! dude!!! you whore! stop claiming all these territories!! it’s not the same as Christopher Columbus!! and yea, Jack is hott…
    no, i don’t watch the food channel. cuz then i get hungry. and then i eat. then i get fatter.
    not good.

  2. no. Prince Hamlet <the main character> was named after his father, King Hamlet. The Hamlet who’s the “star” of the play never slept with his mother. His uncle Claudius killed KING Hamlet to get into Gertrude’s dress . The Hamlet who was the “star” never was king.

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