1st – Gender/Ethnicity in America, glicksman
2nd – Hn precal, mr sheehy
3rd- Psychology, robinson
4th- Morality, fitsimmons
5th- Hn Brit lit, doc nighan
6th- LUNCH
7th- spanish, tyrell
8th- AP chem, bones
hmrm- 219… mr. carr.

soooo any classes with me!??!



sheeeesh i’m bored.

and here’s the best remedy for boredom.

“oh crap, look over there…isnt that Taking Back Sunday. Frickin Idiots. I hope the one in the flannel doesnt try to spoon me.” (matt rubano)

“dammit, i knew it!!!” (matt rubano)



twenty-twenty surgery video::


i think he just woke up here:

you’re so last summer video::



What…? It’s been a more than a week already?? About 11 days since the night i officially claimed as the best night ever? I would’ve put it here earlier.. but what can i say, i’m such a lazy bum.

Better late than never, i guess. I just wish there was a way i could possibly tell my amazing weekend, with the excitement felt just by reading it. sorry, i could never do justice to this weekend for it was too good for my 10th grade vocabulary to sum up.





the oh most awaited night. I’ve been waiting for this day for a month, and been waiting for this opportunity for a year. This night was the night we saw Taking Back Sunday and Angels and Airwaves with Head Automatica and The Subways live. And here was how it went…

 So we met up in my crib (crib. Hell yeah.) and waited for the turtle i’d like to call lindsay for about an hour. We ate pizza with my dear friend JennTheDork, and my dear sister mylene and her dear friend sarah, and my no-so-dear-just-to-not-make-him-sound-so-gay brother nestor. And finally LindsayTheTurtle came (and since she was late, which by the way makes her name TheTurtle seems so appropriate now, we promised to do something painful to her, but never really got around to it. you still owe us you bastard.) and we were on. We hopped on our new honda pilot and enjoyed our journey to the most amazing night of our lives, of course with the help of wanda, our navigation system robotic-person. “You. Made. A. Wrong. Turn. You. Fucking. Retard.” (of course she didn’t really say that.. but that would’ve been sweet) Whilst waiting to arrive, we were doing my father’s college algebra homework, and of course being able to do most of the problems, that totally boosted our egos. After a few problems, a few dumb moments which i wont even mention to avoid embarrassing me and my friends, and a precious moment when TheDork totally checked out this “skinny, emo boy” (as TheTurtle called it), lo and behold, we arrived.

            We stepped out to the sandy and dusty parking lot and said our good-byes to my dear parents as we looked anticipating-ly (dude is that even a word?) to the upcoming events of that night. Then we started to walk towards the gate, surrounded by these amazing people.. “Dude, it’s like a migration of emo people.” After all the proper searches, showing of tickets, and promises to have fun, we finally entered. We looked for seats and after much arguments and contemplation on life-changing, earth-shattering decisions on whether to sit here or there, we found a good place to sit. I wanted to be in the pit, and again TheTurtle is to blame. but let’s give her some credit. You’ll see why.

            And then.. dundundun.. the concert started. It started with this band from england whom no one has ever heard of. The Subways. They were actually kind of good, as long as you cover your ears when the girl sings her part. She was cool though, banging her head like there’s no tomorrow. The frontman dude was kind of cool too, not to mention hott, with that british accent of his which was totally sweet. Then when they ended and tech people where preparing for the next band, TheDork, TheTurtle, and I bought some awesome shirts. I bought the shirt that sweetly commemorates that precious moment when the great Adam Lazzara hit the amazing Matt Rubano. The “Matt Got Hit in The Head and All I Got Was This Shirt” shirt. Amazing shirt, with it’s artistically wrapped mic around the neck, and of course with blood all over it, and bearing the name Taking Back Sunday on the back, all beautifully laid out on a sky blue fruit-de-loom shirt, which according to my mom actually cost really cheap had it not been for the band name marked upon it. we went back to our seats and then Head Automatica came out and started to play. And i must say, they were pretty good. Of course the audience were dead because not everyone knew them. I however, know them and a few of the songs they sang. they sounded really good and hopefully they would make it big. And oh, i almost forgot, the lead singer was doing this weird hand gestures as if trying to dance to the beat. ‘Trying’ being the operative word here, because while he danced his heart out, we were left to wonder… “a seizure? 911 perhaps?” but in general, they were good. Not as good as the band that followed them though…..

            Angles and Airwaves got up and the crowd livened up a little. They played some sweet songs, and though i knew one of the songs, i thought they were good. Seriously, with the amazing writing skills of Tom, and the skills of his band members… they may not look as hot and as young as other bands (ahemtakingbacksundayahem) but they were awesome. The best part? When tom walked around the whole stadium with a frickin flashlight. (dude, what gives?) then he walked down the aisle.. and guess who was sitting right on the aisle… fuck yeah. ME! He walked there right in front of me and i think i got a pretty good shot of him walking. TheDork was going nuts. Picture here, click there. Of course, this amazing moment was because of TheTurtle. Credit is to be given to her for if she had not been late to my house earlier that night, we would be sitting somewhere else, away from the aisle, away from tom…….. but close to the stage… But that’s okay. I’ll let this one go. AVA was amazing, with the sweet sounds, oh-so-pretty lights, and tom’s amazing dance moves (which we later called ‘the tom walk’) as if walking on the moon where gravity pretty much restrains nothing. Truly amazing. But not quite…….

            Ladies and gentledudes, the moment Taking Back Sunday got on stage and the freaking curtains were raised, the audience went hysterical. I, myself, seriously thought I was gonna shit my pants. TheAmazingAdamLazzara introduced themselves and everyone screamed. I screamed so much i thought my guts were gonna come out. they played “What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost” first, and i sang along, with those clever and amazing lyrics TheAmazing wrote himself. then they sang new songs, and old songs, and i want to mention all the songs they sang, but i don’t think it’s all that important, and it’s not like anyone would care but me (and probably my sister). But when the intro to “You’re So Last Summer” kicked in, i jumped up and down and i almost fell down the steps, but i luckily grabbed on the chair in front of me.. the same exact thing happened when they played “Timberwolves At New Jersey.” I jumped up and down to every song this genius band sang, even when my pants were starting to fall off coz i apparently forgot to put on a belt due to my overwhelming excitement, and i sang to every song, screaming the words as if i wanted TheAmazing to hear me sing their songs. I took pictures of the band… well actually, just TheAmazing, because… i don’t know… he’s so incredibly hot? The best part was yet to come. Just after they sang their supposedly ‘last song of the night’ TheAmazing came out for an encore with a guitar.. and… this funny thing around his neck which everyone later realized was a harmonica. He played the awesome song “Divine Intervention” by himself. with the guitar. And.. of course, the harmonica. It was freakin sweet seeing him play like that. then they all did one last song “This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)” and ended it there. It was FUCKING AMAZING. I loved seeing them, all of them, play with all their hearts and amped up energy. The amazing Fred Mascherino (dude, the name alone!!) with his hands-down guitar skills; the tough-as-a-nail Matt Rubano, who now can withstand anything that comes his way, or vice versa, after getting hit in the head with TheAmazing’s microphone; Ed Reyes, with his mesmerizing guitar knack, and who founded the band Taking Back Sunday, and to whom we now all owe this, Mark O’Connell with his insane drumming talent that feels like it beats with your heart, and of course, the amazing Adam Lazzara, with his orgasmic wailing and astounding song writing cleverness, just singing his heart out and rocking to some hardcore-melodic (what an oxymoron..) tunes. It was sad to leave the pavillion, but we had to. My ears wanted more but i knew that was the end. But at that point, i didn’t give a fuck coz i just had the most amazing night of my life.

What a night.

What a night indeed.

Here’s to the night my soul danced to some hardcore shit.


But the adventure does not end here…

            So we finally headed home. And after some painful searches for TheTurtle’s dad, Mr. Powers (no that’s not a nickname, that’s his real name), meeting some smokers who asked us for cigarettes and my dear sister, with her friend, gave a full on lecture on how it can kill you, being hit with a football thrown at me on purpose by a guy who i guess just wanted to make friends (and here i am acting all sweet to people when i want them to be my friend…), and of course shattering TheDork’s hope when she realized that she can’t meet her beloved Tom, we finally found the van of TheTurtle’s dad. And we headed to TheDork’s house, where again, another adventure begins.

            Not as long as the adventure we had with those amazing bands, but an adventure nonetheless. Basically, we hung out and played tunes in TheDork’s piano, then ate an awesome dinner around 1:00 am, while watching “A Nightmare Before Christmas.” We later got sick of it and changed it to “Zoolander”, which was soooo much better (who doesn’t love ben stiller??) “Merman….Merman!” the last part i remember from the movie was when he was screaming at that gay guy for building such a small reading center for blind kids.. “What is this?? A school for ants??”  and the last thing i saw was zoolander’s face of disappointment…. And everything went dark…..




Hence we transition to the next day. It started with a rude awakening by TheDork who put her fone right next to my head as it rang the alarm set to the tune of the supreme SuperMario. We all hate a rude awakening, but when it’s supermario, who gives a shit? We ate breakfast as TheDork’s mom, (hmmmm what to call her?) TheQueenOfProvidence, gave us more than we virtually can eat, which was awesome because i don’t think i’ve ever eaten so much food for breakfast. Then after getting ready and a fight between TheTurtle and me about who’s to use the bathroom first, (of course i won.. duh.) and oh, waiting for TheDork’s cousin (whom we’ll call.. Clueless for no apparent reason) to arrive, we headed towards six flags. And boy it was a long drive. Whew. How far was it? 300 seconds away? Yesss it’s about 5 minutes away from TheDork’s house. We were there even before we could say ‘fart’.

            And the fun began. We rode all the rollercoasters we could. Superman was amazing, with the high drop where you can see the whole park… and so was Batwing. But i didn’t see anything but TheDork’s hand who i think was trying to pull off a Rose-Jack-a la-Titanic moment. “I’m the king of the world” Mind Eraser was just wow, since Clueless and i were sitting in the first seats. That was mind blowing. Err.. mind erasing, i guess? Two Face was just phenomenon since we were all dizzy afterwards. We went on Roar 4 times (well, 3 for me since my seat was being dysfunctional even before i sat on it!) and that was amazing.. no lines! And i actually met a friend.. of course when we were doing the proper ‘nice to meet you’s he was about to hurl…. But that’s okay. Through out the day i also played that game “Fool the Guesser” where, aha, you guessed it, i have to fool the guesser. I asked them to guess my age, and well, they’re idiots. Who the fuck would guess that i’m 17? They all said i was 15,or 13, or shit.. ha! This is what i love about the whole looking-too-young-for-my-age crap combined with my conniving skills to win all sorts of shit like a stuffed snake i named adam (and sadly changed it to jake.. and this is another whole story in itself). Man people fall for anything. I love humanity. Oh, and we met this awesome dude, Joseph! Man that guys was hilarious.. “oh.. OH i KNOW you’re not playing ‘Bye Bye Bye’!!!!”         “Please.. Oh PLEASE make it stop! It’s bringing back bad memories!” we also took pictures of ourselves with our blue tongues due to snowcone.

            So enough stories about the happenings on dry land. Now let’s get to the water. Basically, we swam. We floated, we took pictures, we attempted to go far into the deep, we tried to float like synchronized swimmers which obviously didn’t work. And then we ate.

            Then we bought this weird cake.. funnel cake? And ate in wendy’s… and went back to TheDork’s house to grab my stuff while mi padre waits on his beat up car.

And….i think that’s it. i swear it’s more fun that i narrated. Dude, cut me some slack, it’s 2:26 am. My brain is dead. Not that it’s ever been fully awake anyway, but that’s besides the point.







And so ends an amazing adventure. I’m pretty much sure no one read this whole thing coz they’d be out of their fucking minds. But that’s okay. Again, I just wish there was a way i could possibly explain everything that has happened and explain all the emotions i felt, but besides the fact that i am no good at these things, i am dead tired. I have to get up at 3 am bcoz we’re leaving at 4 am for canada. fun. (of course i wont be able to post this till july 18… did i mention i’m typing this during the early hours of july 14th?)


What a weekend. What an experience seeing all those amazing bands live. What thrill to ride all those blood pumping rides over and over again. Voice gone and all. A weekend i will always remember.


Cut the melodramatic crap and say goodbye.







adam lazzara


sooooooooo fucking hott.

i would update everything that has happened.. but that would take a while.. so i guess i’ll do that later..

for now, go on.. stare at him.. and drool.

          -mrs. lazzara 🙂