sheeeesh i’m bored.

and here’s the best remedy for boredom.

“oh crap, look over there…isnt that Taking Back Sunday. Frickin Idiots. I hope the one in the flannel doesnt try to spoon me.” (matt rubano)

“dammit, i knew it!!!” (matt rubano)



twenty-twenty surgery video::


i think he just woke up here:

you’re so last summer video::




5 thoughts on “

  1. dude… er, im leaving this friday.. or was it saturday.. or somewhere there.. haha! and the stupid phone in my room isnt really working so i dont think you can call.. try texting me at my original number tho (yung sa phils).. O.o

  2. such a long time to get this page to and your…nevermind…
    anyways.i posted the 23 new layouts i made! yayyyy!! from one week ago, but i was pissed off at this bitch who was like “wtf are you?? why did you go to my site” and few others. so. i waited a week. and i think you’ll like some of these new ones. nope, no black-black one like the one you have right now [even though i didn’t make this…COUGHCOUGH.] it’s white and black with color. yup.
    and i have a surprise layout for you in the new “bands” category. =] hope you like it. nope, no guns on that one. lol. actually, it’s not necessarily “for you.” but i think you’ll like it.
    i like my new “bands” category. my all american rejects[2] is pretty. well i think. and yea, i only have one gun layout. and it’s TBS. so yea.
    um okay. i’m done now. baaaaaaaaaaamPUNCH.
    OH! listen to “last way out of here” by PALOALTO. i found it in…uhh…that movie about stealing the answers to the SATs. PERFECT SCORE! yea that’s it.
    um okay. i’m really done now.baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamPUNCH.

    and yup. i’m feeling better. no worries. just a little sugar-low piss-offed ness. nothing new.

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