1st – Gender/Ethnicity in America, glicksman
2nd – Hn precal, mr sheehy
3rd- Psychology, robinson
4th- Morality, fitsimmons
5th- Hn Brit lit, doc nighan
6th- LUNCH
7th- spanish, tyrell
8th- AP chem, bones
hmrm- 219… mr. carr.

soooo any classes with me!??!




3 thoughts on “

    you DO know that they people i know that i have classes with are listed right under the classes, right? your name is right under hn precalc and ap chem
    wow. you’re retarded. even though we already know that.
    YOU HAVE SPANISH WITH MS.TYRRELL!! awww i big-aortic-pump her! she’s so nice. =]
    i big-aortic-pump this layout. i big-aortic-pump my newer layouts. they’re sooo much prettier. but i still want/need to make more. I WANT MORE POPULARITY, DAMMIT.
    oh well.
    i big-aortic-pump you too
    fuck yea.

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