since when did they have this title crap?

our days of freedom are over. summer came.. and went by.. too quickly. but that summer was great. especially that concert! (who could forget that??)

and now.. it’s back to school… projects, endless homeworks, early mornings blah blah blah. when we had to intorduce ourselves in this class that i have, and i was asked what i’m looking forward to this year.. i said “i’m lookin forward to… summer.” well i must say, this year is shaping up to be better than last year. sooo much better. coz first, i have fun classes (except maybe one… GENDER/ETHNICITY. ugh.). i mean, it’s gonna be a lot of work..but, they’re all interesting.

i love psychology coz ms robinson talks about interesting stuff, but she told us staright up it’s not gonna be easy. out of her 5 years teaching this class, only TWO students got A’s. EVER. and there’s doc nighan’s class. he seems like a nice old man… and AP chem too.. i have these hilarious seniors, kramer, and 4/5 of gennelicasay. so that should be bearable. but it’s gonna be hard. but in general, it’s not so bad. it’s the amount of work i fear……. but.. i havent had a lot of hws.. coz 1) maybe it’s bcoz it’s just the beginning of the sy. and 2) ms fitsimmons doesnt give hw all that much.. if ever.. SCORE!

and tomorrow…. NO SCHOOL! and maybe movies?? we’re still planning. i’ll get back to you on that.