i’m still getting used to this title thingie

oh lookie new layout. ooooh is that a gun?

i reek of worms and fish.  well, actually, i took a shower already. but i still feel like the essence of the fishing is still with me.
but as marie says it, whatevs.

a jam packed weekend. as i mentioned, we went fishing. then i just got home from open house. its been pretty crazy lately. and i guess crazy is good, coz it saves me from being burned out. last week, there was marie’s party. the other week was stephanie’s, i think? then there was bianca and luisa’s.

aaaaand that’s not all.. homecoming is coming up, not that i should care anyway. i’m skipping it this year, coz quite honestly, it’s overrated. and i already made plans. or i had plans. now my oh-so-cool plan is falling apart. actually, it already did. so i might just sit in one corner in my house and……… …. …. see i dont even know what to do. how pathetic is that?

on a brighter note, new found glory, the early november, cartel (…) and hit the lights (!!) are coming to MD! WOOOHOO and i am SO seeing them with a bunch of other cool people. aaaaaaaand a week after that, brand new and dashboard confessional are coming to UM. that’s like 2 seconds away from me! WOOOHOOOO again.

has anone heard of as tall as lions? or limeback? how do they sound like?

happy cows come from california. stupid cows come from maryland.