How about we ignore the fact that i haven’t updated in months?

Of weddings and
vow renewals

It’s things like this that make you
think of love. No, like real love. Of trying to find the right person. It makes
you think how amazing it is that two people find their soul mates in a world
full of hatred and problems, and other 4 billion people just searching for the
right person. It makes you think of how two people meet, maybe through a friend
or just by accident, and how both of them were meant to be at the exact same
place at the exact same time, and how when they meet, everything is perfect.
They get a long, there’s chemistry, and they might as well eat spaghetti and
eat the same noodle and keep eating it until their lips meet. Scenes like these
make you think how romantic and perfect the world is. When you look at these
two people, the world just looks like a place full of people just waiting for
each other. It kind of gives you hope, that maybe, just maybe, sometime soon,
you’ll find your own soul mate. You’ll find the perfect person to share that spaghetti


But at the same time, it’s times
like this that make you think of your fate. Are you really going to meet that
person in time? Are you going to meet him through someone, bump into him, or do
you need to look for him? What if you already missed him? What if you already
missed your chance? That’s it for you? Events like this make you hopeful, yes,
but at the same time it can fill you with jealousy, too. Why can’t you have
that same thing? It makes you notice how everyone seems to be in perfect relationships,
while you sit alone on your couch, staring at your ceiling, thinking how lucky
those bastards are? It suddenly makes you feel aware of the fact that you’re
alone, that you don’t have anyone. (and damn to hell if one of your friends say
“But I’m always here for you!”). It’s kind of like Valentine’s Day in the
middle of July, with the air filled with “I’m in love – you’re not” chants. Then
you’re just left with self-pity, and hell, if you’re lucky, a whole lot of


It’s something beautiful and it’s a
blessing to witness two people still in love after all these years. But at the
same time, it can scare the crap out of you. Is he ever going to come? Sometimes
you just get tired, really, really effin tired.


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