the end of an era

why i keep coming back here, i really have no idea. a private journal i guess. it just sounds really cool to me. there’s a billion people out there who can read this, but, no one does. it’s like i’m putting my vulnerability out to the world, and it’s not that they don’t care [but i don’t really care if they dont care. hmm headache.] it’s just no one notices. and it’s a win win situation. i get to spill out things i dont want locked up, and people dont waste their time being forced to read this. and hopefully, years from now, i can look back and reflect on what a great dumbass i was. sweetness.

and quoting she who must not me named, a great feeling of heartbreak and euphoria. it’s something full of love and pain, of life and death, of failure and triumph. all haters can disagree and shoot down my thoughts, but it doesnt really matter. they’re my own, so.. screw you.

not that it comes to a crashing halt. it’s taken forever actually. but it’s one of those things that you let yourself get swallowed and engulf you, so intense that the lines between your world and that world are blurred. it’s not a fantasy or a dream, it’s just a part of your mind. maybe by time it has come to be a part of you. but, again, it’s time to say goodbye. it doesn’t mean forgetting. hell, i know i won’t be forgetting anything about this. if anything, i would revisit it as often as i can. it just comes with a whole lot of memories and this thing is a memory in and of itself. [thank you, Kierkegaard]

it’s been great, a long run and a lot of hormone surges [ring a bell?] but alas, all things must come to an end.

i stuck with him until the end. a few things ruined, but happy in the end.


2 thoughts on “the end of an era

  1. hahaha…”party.”yeaaaa…all the sappiness…in all those icons…i haven’t been to my icon site AND my layout site in a long, long time. wow. heh.i really miss making layouts and stuff…..hmm….i miss getting all those nice comments from people…even though like half were from you  😀
    and YESSS that song is flipping it. looooove it.
    and about the “senior year being awesome”well, honestly, i don’t wanna judge it too quickly or else i might feel like it’s gonna be shit[me being all jynx-y and all]. well not shit, but like, not as good as i thought it would be. so my philosophy for this year is to study hard, learn as much as possible, smile and be happy has much as possible, be with friends[and make new ones] as much as possible, and ride it out…..enjoy the moment now cuz next year, we’ll all be scattered around the country. i know for damn sure i’ll miss you guys like crazy.
    so, don’t rag on me if i’ll be whipping out my camera like every 5 seconds!!!

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